Emailing Certified Rosters via Internet Mail

Emailing Certified Rosters via Internet Mail


Unfortunately, the web interface for Outlook is not as graphic friendly as the full software version so there are a few more steps to accomplish our goal.

  1. A certified roster will display after any final changes are made and the roster is submitted.  It will look like this:

  2. At this point all you need to do is hit the print screen button in the upper right corner of your keyboard.  Keyboards vary of course so the location of the print screen button will also vary.


  1. Click the start button in the bottom left corner of your screen,  click All Programs, click Accessories, and click paint to open Microsoft Paint.

  2. Once Paint has loaded click the edit menu at the top and click paste.

  3. Once your screen capture has been pasted into the Paint window click the file menu and choose save as.

  4. Click the ”My Documents” button on the left side of the save as window, give the file a name (I would use the course ID or title), and click save.

  5. Log in to the email web interface at http://email.southark.edu .

  6. Create a new mail message

  7. Click the To button to choose your recipient.

  8. Click the paperclip icon (third icon from the left) to add an attachment.
  9. Click the browse button
  10. Click the My Documents button on the left side of the browse window and select the file name that you gave the file you just saved in paint, and click the attach button.

  11. Send the email.

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