victoriaEvery other year in December, the SouthArk music department transforms the South Arkansas Arts Center into a medieval dining hall for the Madrigal Feaste to raise money for choral scholarships. This festival of eating, drinking, singing, and acting features a masque drama presented in full costume.

The merriment begins with the herald trumpet’s announcing the incoming guests, strolling musicians, and a lively jester. Faculty and staff of SouthArk dressed as serving wenches, nuns and monks serve the courses of the meal. The SouthArk singers assume their princely roles and sit at the royal table surrounding the new king and queen chosen for the Feaste. 

Thespians from the local community enact some amusing adventures, members of the audience are sentenced to the pillory and the SouthArk singers present a short concert of madrigals. For more information, email Victoria Harden at vharden(AT)