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English (6 credit hours)  
ENGL 1113   Composition I
ENGL 1123   Composition I
Technology (3 credit hours) Computers & Information Processing
CSCI 1003  
Mathematics (one course minimum). Note: A student may not test out of completion. Each student must complete one of the following courses.  
MATH 1023 College Algebra
MATH 2123  Math for Health Professionals
Science (12 credit hours minimum)  
BIOL 1004/L Fundamentals of Biology/Lab
BIOL 1024/L  Zoology/Lab
BIOL 1034/L General Botany/Lab
BIOL 1114/L Biology for Majors/Lab
BIOL 2064/L Human Anatomy and Physiology I/Lab
BIOL 2074/L Human Anatomy and Physiology II/Lab
BIOL 2304/L Kinesiology/Lab
CHEM 1014/L Chemistry I for Health/Lab
CHEM 1024/L Chemistry I for Science Majors/Lab
CHEM 1124/L Chemistry II for Science Majors/Lab
MBIO 1124/L Microbiology /Lab

Social Science (3 credit hours minimum)

PSYC 2003 General Psychology

Elective Course (3 credit hours minimum)