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Students may complete any one of the three specialized options to satisfy the requirements for the A.A.S. in Computer Information Technology. Students completing a second track will not receive a second degree since all three earn the same A.A.S. in Computer Information Technology.

All of the requirements for the Technical Certificate PLUS the following:

ENGL 1123 Composition II or 3
ENGL 2043 Technical Writing for Industry  
CSCI 1113 Web 2.0 Social Media 3
CSCI 2043 Web Design with Dreamweaver/Adobe Suite 3
ECON 2003 Macroeconomic Principles 3
Semester Total 15
SPCH 1113 Speech 3
CSCI 2183 Introduction to Computer Graphics 3
CSCI 2193 Advanced Web Design 3
CSCI 2053 Java Script 3
  Internship/Special Project or Approved CSCI/Business Elective 3
Semester Total   15
Total Program Hours 60
Suggested Electives:

See your academic advisor for list of approved electives for each option or internship options.