Online or Distance-Learning Courses

Many of our courses are now taught online via the Internet. This means that you do not need to come to campus. Take a look at this list of what you'll need in order to be successful in an online course.

To take an online course, you should:

Be comfortable using a computer

  • Have regular/daily access to the internet on a computer in your home
  • Know how to use an internet browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox
  • Create, save, print, and manage computer files
  • Copy and paste information using the clipboard between applications
  • Send and receive email messages and attachments
  • Use word processing software, like Microsoft Word


  • Set aside enough time for your work each week
  • Be a self-starter
  • Communicate adequately in writing
  • Have good reading skills
  • Follow written instructions and be able to work on your own
  • Have a quiet place to study and login to your online courses
  • Contact your instructor when you don't understand something
For more information about Online Learning at SouthArk, contact an advisor.