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3.04 Recording Class Attendance

Chapter Three: Instructional Affairs

Procedure Title: Recording Class Attendance
Based On: Board Policies 2 and 3
Procedure Number: 3.04
Date Adopted/Revised: November 7, 2001; January 29, 2007; May 15, 2007; July 19, 2010

When instruction is traditional
    Faculty must accurately record student attendance and promptly return of all class rosters and grade sheets as required by the Registrar, Director of Financial Aid, and Office of the Vice President of Learning. For future reference, faculty must maintain reasonable student attendance/participation information.
When courses are online
    Attendance in online courses will be measured by a student’s participation in courses. The last day of attendance is considered to be the date the last assignment was turned in. Faculty members are expected to provide students a login password (passwords may be provided by the Director for Distance Learning in the future) on the first day of class and to provide an assignment that will require participation by the student. This assignment may include completing an online orientation, reading the syllabus and answering questions, using chat line introductions, or completing another substantial activity.

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