Giving to SouthArk

Online Learning

There are many avenues a student may take to complete a degree program, including online classes. Students may not always be able to "attend" a traditional class. Online classes offer the convenience of attending a class, yet never leaving the comforts of home. It offers flexible timing for those who work "odd" hours or have small children. South Arkansas Community College is working to provide the opportunity for more people to obtain an education by providing classes online.
SouthArk strives to offer online classes that support student learning. Not only do we offer high quality classes, but are developing more every day.
There was once an older man admired by all. He said, "Technology never ceases to amaze me. I was born in the era when there were no cars and I die in an age when people go to school on a computer. Life is truly full of incredible inventions. Now the classroom comes to us, instead of us going to class."
Thank you for choosing South Arkansas Community College for your online college.

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