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Steps in Registering Online:

All first time students enrolling in fall semester classes are advised to attend a New Student Orientation Session. (See the Course Schedule for more information). 

Students may also register online with Campus Connect.  To register online, complete the following steps:
  1.  Students must first apply to the College. (If you have not yet applied to SouthArk, click here).  This includes online classes as well as courses on campus.  Previous students must have met all financial responsibilities to the College. Campus Connect will not allow students to register unless they have applied and been accepted to the College.

  2. Access Campus Connect via the College homepage at http://www.southark.edu/ and click on Campus Connect.

  3. The Password is the students birthdate plus three initials in caps; the pin number must be obtained from the Registrar's office.

  4. Students will not be allowed to register for a course if they have not completed the prerequisites, including basic studies courses.

  5. Select courses from the appropriate Course Schedule.

  6. Students should confer with an Academic Advisor for assistance in person or by contacting a Web advisor on the SouthArk home page.

  7. Students may add courses to their schedule following the directions on the screen. 

Registration Sessions
All first time students enrolling in fall or spring semester classes are advised to attend a New Student Orientation Sessio. See the appropriate Course Schedule for more information.

Course Availability

SouthArk offers degree and certificate classes during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. The registration dates for these terms are listed in the Academic Calendar, and in the Course Schedules that are published and posted on the College's web site in advance of each term. Not all classes are offered every semester. Students should check the Course Schedules to determine when courses are offered. The College reserves the right to add, cancel, combine, or divide classes; to change the time, date, or location of class meetings; to reassign instructors; and to do so without incurring obligation.

Academic Advising
The purpose of Academic Advising at South Arkansas Community College is to communicate the expectations of the College, to orient students to higher education, and to help students meet their career goals. The program instructors in health, business, computers and technical programs serve as academic advisors for students enrolled in these programs.  Students in the AA Degree program can select an advisor of their choice.  Students in all programs can seek academic advice by using advisor@southark.edu.  Advisors are available during their posted office hours and during registration.  

Changing a Schedule/ Dropping and Adding Courses

Courses may be added until the last day of late registration as shown in the Academic Calendar.  Students cannot add courses after the sixth (6th) class day of the semester.  Courses that are dropped before the eleventh (11th) class day are not recorded on the student's permanent record.  After the eleventh (11th) class day, students who drop from class will receive a grade of "W" unless previously administratively withdrawn because of excessive absences.  The last day to drop from a class is during the week preceding final exams.  The specific date for each term is published in the Academic Calendar.  To change your schedule before the start of classes, simply enter Campus Connect and drop or add a course.  

To add a course in person, on campus:

1. Complete an add/drop/withdrawal form from the Office of Admissions
2. Obtain the faculty advisor's signature
3. Turn in the completed form to the Enrollment Services Office
4. Pay additional tuition or fees if required
To drop a course in person, on campus, after the start of classes:

1. Complete an add/drop/withdrawal form from the Office of Admissions
2. Obtain the instructor's signature (after 11th class day)
3. Obtain the faculty advisor's signature
4.  Obtain Financial Aid Officer’s signature
5.  Obtain Business Officer’s signature and pay drop fee
6.  Turn in the completed form to the Enrollment Services Office
7. Retain white copy for future references.

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