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New Books for Spring 2013

Encyclopedia of American cultural & intellectural history [electronic resource] /
Children and youth during the Civil War era [electronic resource] /
The changing wealth of nations [electronic resource] : measuring sustainable development in the new millennium.
The day after tomorrow [electronic resource] : a handbook on the future of economic policy in the developing world /
The 9/11 encyclopedia [electronic resource] /
The encyclopedia of literary and cultural theory [electronic resource]/
Encyclopedia of world literature in the 29th century [electronic resource] /
The Princeton encyclopedia of poetry and poetics [electronic resource] /
Stoic pragmatism / Lachs, John
Donald Davidson : a short introduction / Gluer, Kathrin, 1966-
Dewey's enduring impact : essays on America's philosopher /
Just the arguments : 100 of the most important arguments in Western philosophy /
So much, so fast, so little time : coming to terms with rapid change and its consequences / St. Clair, Michael, 1940-
Boredom : a lively history / Toohey, Peter, 1951-
Happiness / Greve, Bent
Sexual harassment and bullying : a guide to keeping kids safe and holding schools accountable / Strauss, Susan, 1946-
People and cultures of Hawaii : the evolution of culture and ethnicity /
Adolescence and adulthood : transitions and transformations / Hendry, Leo B.
Debating psychic experience : human potential or human illusion? /
The paranormal : who believes, why they believe, and why it matters / Goode, Erich
Anomalistic psychology /
Early modern supernatural : the dark side of European culture, 1400-1700 / Davidson, Jane P.
Investigating the supernatural : from spiritism and occultism to psychical research and metapsychics in France, 1853-1931 / Lachapelle, Sofie
The wonders of the invisible world : being an account of the Tryals of several witches lately executed in New-England / Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728
The Cambridge companion to Christian ethics /
Happiness and the Christian moral life : an introduction to Christian ethics / Wadell, Paul J.
Dignity : its history and meaning / Rosen, Michael, 1952-
Claiming society for God : religious movements and social welfare in Egypt, Israel, Italy, and the United States / Davis, Nancy Jean, 1950-
Religion and human rights : an introduction /
Red state religion : faith and politics in America's heartland / Wuthnow, Robert
End-timers : three thousand years of waiting for Judgment Day / Ballard, Martin
Religion in China : survival and revival under communist rule / Yang, Fenggang
American religious liberalism /
Apocalyptic realm : jihadists in South Asia / Hiro, Dilip
Islam and America : building a future without prejudice / Majid, Anouar, 1960-
Muslims : their religious beliefs and practices / Rippin, Andrew, 1950-
Sufism : a global history / Green, Nile
A history of the Nation of Islam : race, Islam, and the quest for freedom / Gibson, Dawn-Marie
Early controversies and the growth of Christianity / Kaatz, Kevin
Separation of church and state / Wright, Jonathan A.
The spice of popery : converging Christianities on an early American frontier / Chmielewski, Laura M.
Moving the rock : poverty and faith in a Black storefront church / Abrums, Mary Elyeen
The Black church and hip hop culture : toward bridging the generational divide /
Seeking the straight and narrow : weight loss and sexual reorientation in evangelical America / Gerber, Lynne
What the Bible really tells us : the essential guide to biblical literacy / Wray, T. J.
The making of the modern Jewish Bible : how scholars in Germany, Israel, and America transformed an ancient text / Levenson, Alan T.
Genesis 1-11 : tales of the earliest world / Bible. O.T. Genesis I-XI. English. Good. 2011
How God became king : the forgotten story of the Gospels / Wright, N. T. (Nicholas Thomas)
Cruel God, kind God : how images of God shape belief, attitude, and outlook / Lotufo, Zenon
The power of parable : how fiction by Jesus became fiction about Jesus / Crossan, John Dominic
Edwards on the will : a century of American theological debate / Guelzo, Allen C.
Hell no! : a fundamentalist preacher rejects eternal torment / Gillihan, Charles
By the vision of another world : worship in American History /
Ten popes who shook the world / Duffy, Eamon
Blessing la politica : the Latino religious experience and political engagement in the United States /
Papist patriots : the making of an American Catholic identity / Farrelly, Maura Jane
Christianity in evolution : an exploration / Mahoney, John, 1931-
Sexual abuse in the Catholic Church : a decade of crisis, 2002-2012 /
Demonizing the Jews : Luther and the Protestant church in Nazi Germany / Probst, Christopher J., 1969-
Jonathan Edwards, religious tradition & American culture / Conforti, Joseph A.
Jonathan Edwards : a life / Marsden, George M., 1939-
Beyond the pulpit : women's rhetorical roles in the antebellum religious press / Shaver, Lisa J.
Surviving sudden environmental change : understanding hazards, mitigating impacts, avoiding disasters /
The human tradition in the black Atlantic, 1500-2000 /
War and conscience in Japan : Nambara Shigeru and the Asia-Pacific war / Nanbara, Shigeru, 1889-1974
Armies of heaven : the first crusade and the quest for apocalypse / Rubenstein, Jay, 1967-
The deeds of the Franks and other Jerusalem-bound pilgrims : the earliest chronicle of the first crusades / Gesta Francorum et aliorum Hierosolymitanorum. English
The human tradition in the Atlantic world, 1500-1850 /
The rise of female kings in Europe, 1300-1800 / Monter, E. William
Why Germany nearly won : a new history of the Second World War in Europe / Mercatante, Steven D.
Abundance of valor : resistance, survival, and liberation, 1944-45 / Irwin, Will, 1950-
The Lisbon route : entry and escape in Nazi Europe / Weber, Ronald, 1934-
Pacific crucible : war at sea in the Pacific, 1941-1942 / Toll, Ian W.
Beyond the mushroom cloud : commemoration, religion, and responsibility after Hiroshima / Miyamoto, Yuki
Prisons and patriots : Japanese American wartime citizenship, civil disobedience, and historical memory / Lyon, Cherstin M., 1971-
Americans, Germans and war crimes justice : law, memory and "the good war" / Weingartner, James J., 1940-
Nazis after Hitler : how perpetrators of the Holocaust cheated justice and truth / McKale, Donald M., 1943-
Children during the Holocaust / Heberer, Patricia
Winning the war on war : the decline of armed conflict worldwide / Goldstein, Joshua S., 1952-
Britain's empire : resistance, repression and revolt / Gott, Richard, 1938-
Ghosts of empire : Britain's legacies in the modern world / Kwarteng, Kwasi
Bligh : William Bligh in the South Seas / Salmond, Anne
King Stephen / King, Edmund
Edward III / Ormrod, W. M., 1957-
Sister queens : the noble, tragic lives of Katherine of Aragon and Juana, Queen of Castile / Fox, Julia
The Fenians were dreadful men : the 1867 rising / O Concubhair, Padraig
Easter 1916 : the Irish rebellion / Townshend, Charles
Heinrich Himmler / Longerich, Peter
The great sea : a human history of the Mediterranean / Abulafia, David
Leonidas and the kings of Sparta : mightiest warriors, fairest kingdom / Bradford, Alfred S.
The pursuit of Italy : a history of a land, its regions, and their peoples / Gilmour, David, 1952-
Postcolonial Netherlands : sixty-five years of forgetting, commemorating, silencing / Oostomdie, Gert.
Russia's people of empire : life stories from Eurasia, 1500 to the present /
The Russian Revolution, 1917-1945 / D'Agostino, Anthony, 1937-
Opposing Jim Crow : African Americans and the Soviet indictment of U.S. racism, 1928 - 1937 / Roman, Meredith L. (Meredith Lynn)
Belarus : the last dictatorship in Europe / Wilson, Andrew, 1961-
The strongman : Vladimir Putin and the struggle for Russia / Roxburgh, Angus
Bitter choices : loyalty and betrayal in the Russian conquest of the North Caucasus / Khodarkovsky, Michael, 1955-
The insurgency in Chechnya and the North Caucasus : from gazavat to jihad / Schaefer, Robert W.
Unvanquished : Joseph Pilsudski, resurrected Poland, and the struggle for Eastern Europe / Hetherington, Peter, 1957-
Balkan genocides : holocaust and ethnic cleansing in the twentieth century / Mojzes, Paul
Reconstruction and peace building in the Balkans : the Brcko experience / Farrand, Robert William, 1934-
A line in the sand : the Anglo-French struggle for the Middle East, 1914-1948 / Barr, James, 1976-
The devil we don't know : the dark side of revolutions in the Middle East / Darwish, Nonie
Scarlet fields : the combat memoir of a World War I Medal of Honor hero / Barkley, John Lewis
American public opinion on the Iraq War / Holsti, Ole R.
The Palestine Liberation Organization : terrorism and prospects for peace in the Holy Land / Baracskay, Daniel
Side by side : parallel histories of Israel/Palestine /
The Jews of Bohemia and Moravia : facing the Holocaust / Rothkirchen, Livia
A convenient hatred : the history of antisemitism / Goldstein, Phyllis
Global security watch--India / Gupta, Amit, 1958-
Allies at odds : America, Europe, and Vietnam, 1961-1968 / Blang, Eugenie, 1964-
The Oriental obscene : violence and racial fantasies in the Vietnam era / Chong, Sylvia Shin Huey, 1975-
America in Vietnam : the war that couldn't be won / Schandler, Herbert Y., 1928-
The soldiers' story : Vietnam in their own words / Steinman, Ron, 1934-
Rethinking the American anti-war movement / Hall, Simon, 1976-
Marigold : the lost chance for peace in Vietnam / Hershberg, James G. (James Gordon), 1960-
Desertion in the time of Vietnam : a memoir / Todd, Jack, 1946-
Beyond combat : women and gender in the Vietnam War era / Stur, Heather Marie, 1975-
China's geography : globalization and the dynamics of political, economic, and social change /
Politics and government in China / Liu, Guoli, 1961-
China and the world since 1945 : an international history / Mark, Chi-Kwan
Chinese foreign relations : power and policy since the Cold War / Sutter, Robert G.
Tiananmen moon : inside the Chinese student uprising of 1989 / Cunningham, Philip J.
Tibet's last stand? : the Tibetan uprising of 2008 and China's response / Smith, Warren W.
Why Taiwan matters : small island, global powerhouse / Rigger, Shelley, 1962-
A history of Korea : from antiquity to the present / Seth, Michael J., 1948-
Crisis in Korea : America, China and the risk of war / Beal, Tim
North Korea under Kim Chong-il : power, politics, and prospects for change / Gause, Ken E.
The human tradition in modern Africa /
The Giza prophecy : the Orion code and the secret teachings of the pyramids / Creighton, Scott
Amenhotep III : Egypt's radiant pharaoh / Kozloff, Arielle P.
Culture and customs of Libya / Falola, Toyin
Culture and customs of Gambia / Saine, Abdoulaye, 1951-
Culture and customs of Mali / Schulz, Dorothea Elisabeth
Pacific worlds : a history of seas, peoples, and cultures / Matsuda, Matt K.
Lost kingdom : Hawaii's last queen, the sugar kings and America's first imperial adventure / Siler, Julia Flynn
Voices of the American West / Ricker, Eli Seavey, 1843-1926
Voices of the American West / Ricker, Eli Seavey, 1843-1926
Montana memories : the life of Emma Magee in the Rocky Mountain west, 1866-1950 / Patterson, Ida S. (Ida Smith), 1903-1954
Lethal encounters : Englishmen and Indians in colonial Virginia / Cave, Alfred A.
A separate country : postcoloniality and American Indian nations / Cook-Lynn, Elizabeth
Native performers in wild west shows : from Buffalo Bill to Euro Disney / McNenly, Linda Scarangella, 1970-
The gods of Prophetstown : the Battle of Tippecanoe and the holy war for the American frontier / Jortner, Adam Joseph
Terrible justice : Sioux chiefs and U.S. soldiers on the upper Missouri, 1854-1868 / Chaky, Doreen, 1944-
Blue Water Creek and the first Sioux war, 1854-1856 / Paul, R. Eli, 1954-
Birch Coulie : the epic battle of the Dakota war / Christgau, John
A thrilling narrative of Indian captivity : dispatches from the Dakota War / Renville, Mary Butler, 1830-1895
Slim Buttes, 1876 : an episode of the Great Sioux War / Greene, Jerome A.
American captivity narratives : selected narratives with introduction /
Captivity and restoration / Rowlandson, Mary White, 1635-ca. 1678.
A narrative of the captivity and restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson. Rowlandson, Mary White, ca. 1635-1711
The blue tattoo : the life of Olive Oatman / Mifflin, Margot, 1960-
Tales of the old Indian territory and essays on the Indian condition / Oskison, John M. (John Milton), b. 1874
Chiricahua and Janos : communities of violence in the southwestern borderlands, 1680-1880 / Blyth, Lance R., 1966-
The woman who loved mankind : the life of a twentieth-century Crow elder Lillian Bullshows Hogan as told to Barbara Loeb & Mardell Hogan Plainfeather. Hogan, Lillian Bullshows, 1904-2003
The collected speeches of Sagoyewatha, or Red Jacket / Red Jacket (Seneca chief), ca. 1756-1830
Blackfoot redemption : a Blood indian's story of murder, confinement, and imperfect justice / Farr, William E., 1938-
The people of the standing stone : the Oneida nation from the Revolution through the Era of Removal / Tiro, Karim M.
The world turned inside out : American thought and culture at the end of the 20th century / Livingston, James, 1949-
The Mindset lists of American history : from typewriters to text messages, what ten generations of Americans think is normal / McBride, Tom, 1945-
A concise history of U.S. foreign policy / Kaufman, Joyce P.
U.S.-Chinese relations : perilous past, pragmatic present / Sutter, Robert G.
The CIA's secret war in Tibet / Conboy, Kenneth J.
Shades of difference : a history of ethnicity in America / Rees, Richard W., 1962-
Transnational crossroads : remapping the Americas and the Pacific /
Rethinking the Asian American movement / Maeda, Daryl J.
The materiality of freedom : archaeologies of postemancipation life /
An army of lions : the civil rights struggle before the NAACP / Alexander, Shawn Leigh
After the dream : black and white southerners since 1965 / Minchin, Timothy J.
The struggle in Black and brown : African American and Mexican American relations during the civil rights era /
Men of color to arms! : Black soldiers, Indian wars, and the quest for equality / Leonard, Elizabeth D.
The Harlem Renaissance in the American West : the new Negro's western experience /
Conflict : African American women and the new dilemma of race and gender politics / Hooper, Cindy, 1971-
Dreams and nightmares : Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and the struggle for Black equality in America / Waldschmidt-Nelson, Britta
A cry for justice : Daniel Rudd and his life in Black Catholicism, journalism, and activism, 1854-1933 / Agee, Gary Bruce, 1965-
Among the powers of the earth : the American Revolution and the making of a new world empire / Gould, Eliga H.
Foreign affairs and the founding fathers : from confederation to constitution, 1776-1787 / Graebner, Norman A.
Enjoy the same liberty : Black Americans and the revolutionary era / Countryman, Edward
Relieve us of this burthen : American prisoners of war in the revolutionary South, 1780-1782 / Borick, Carl P., 1966-
My dearest friend : letters of Abigail and John Adams / Adams, John, 1735-1826
Familiar letters of John Adams and his wife Abigail Adams, during the Revolution : with a memoir of Mrs. Adams / Adams, John, 1735-1826
Hacks, sycophants, adventurers, and heroes : Madison's commanders in the War of 1812 / Fitz-Enz, David G., 1940-
Vindicating Andrew Jackson : the 1828 election and the rise of the two-party system / Cole, Donald B.
Stolen childhood : slave youth in nineteenth-century America / King, Wilma, 1942-
Mountain masters, slavery, and the sectional crisis in western North Carolina / Inscoe, John C., 1951-
Negro comrades of the Crown : African Americans and the British Empire fight the U.S. before emancipation / Horne, Gerald
Children and youth during the Civil War era /
Bound for the future : child heroes of the Underground Railroad / Shectman, Jonathan, 1972-
Lincoln, Inc. : selling the sixteenth president in contemporary America / Hogan, Jackie, 1967-
A secret society history of the Civil War / Lause, Mark A.
The revolution of 1861 : the American Civil War in the age of nationalist conflict / Fleche, Andre M.
After the war : the lives and images of major Civil War figures after the shooting stopped / Hardin, David, 1940-
McClellan's war : the failure of moderation in the struggle for the Union / Rafuse, Ethan Sepp, 1968-
Demon of the Lost Cause : Sherman and Civil War history / Moody, Wesley
The Confederate heartland : military and civilian morale in the western Confederacy / Clampitt, Bradley R., 1975-
Spain and the American Civil War / Bowen, Wayne H., 1968-
Punitive war : Confederate guerrillas and Union reprisals / Mountcastle, Clay, 1972-
Contested borderland : the Civil War in Appalachian Kentucky and Virginia / McKnight, Brian Dallas
The Seven Days' Battles : the war begins anew / Browning, Judkin
African Americans and the Gettysburg Campaign / Paradis, James M., 1949-
Guide to the Battle of Gettysburg /
Defeating Lee : a history of the Second Corps, Army of the Potomac / Kreiser, Lawrence A., 1969-
Mountain rebels : East Tennessee Confederates and the Civil War, 1860-1870 / Groce, W. Todd
Naval ships of the Confederate States of America. : Including: CSS Virginia, CSS Scorpion, CSS Grampus, USS United States (1797), CSS Patrick Henry, CSS Texas, CSS Albemerle, CSS Arkansas, CSS McRae, list of ships of the Confederate States Navy.
Civil War journalism / Risley, Ford
Civil War wives : the lives and times of Angelina Grimke Weld, Varina Howell Davis, and Julia Dent Grant / Berkin, Carol
Daily life in the progressive era / Piott, Steven L.
Giant in the shadows : the life of Robert T. Lincoln / Emerson, Jason, 1975-
By one vote : the disputed presidential election of 1876 / Holt, Michael F. (Michael Fitzgibbon)
Anti-communism in twentieth-century America : a critical history / Ceplair, Larry
What's fair on the air? : cold war right-wing broadcasting and the public interest / Hendershot, Heather
Beetle : the life of general Walter Bedell Smith / Crosswell, D. K. R. (Daniel K. R.)
The way of duty, honor, country : the memoir of general Charles Pelot Summerall / Summerall, Charles Pelot, 1867-1955
My dearest Nellie : the letters of William Howard Taft to Helen Herron Taft, 1909-1912 / Taft, William H. (William Howard), 1857-1930
Electing FDR : the New Deal campaign of 1932 / Ritchie, Donald A., 1945-
Kennedy and the Berlin Wall : "a hell of a lot better than a war" / Smyser, W. R., 1931-
Killing Kennedy : the end of Camelot / O'Reilly, Bill
Kennedy vs. Carter : the 1980 battle for the Democratic Party's soul / Stanley, Timothy
Rustic warriors : warfare and the provincial soldier on the New England frontier, 1689-1748 / Eames, Steven C., 1954-
A Knickerbocker's history of New York / Irving, Washington, 1783-1859
The European invasion of North America : colonial conflict along the Hudson-Champlain corridor, 1609-1760 / Laramie, Michael G.
The nicest kids in town : American bandstand, rock 'n' roll, and the struggle for civil rights in 1950s Philadelphia / Delmont, Matthew F.
Defending white democracy : the making of a segregationist movement and the remaking of racial politics, 1936-1965 / Ward, Jason Morgan
The Richmond Theater fire : early America's first great disaster / Baker, Meredith Henne, 1979-
Forging freedom : Black women and the pursuit of liberty in antebellum Charleston / Myers, Amrita Chakrabarti
Daily life along the Mississippi / Pabis, George S.
Shipwrecks of the Mississippi River, including: CSS Grampus, CSS Arkansas, SS Sultana, CSS Manassas, CSS Governor Moore, Star of the West, USS Varuna (1861), USS Lancaster (1855), CSS Louisiana, USS Black Hawk (1848), MV George Prince Ferry Disaster.
Arkansas curiosities : quirky characters, roadside oddities & other offbeat stuff / Jones, Janie
The Civil War in the Smokies / Fisher,Noel C.
Jack Hinson's one-man war / McKenney, Tom C. (Tom Chase)
Cades Cove : the life and death of a southern Appalachian community, 1818-1937 / Dunn, Durwood, 1943-
Bones in the well : the Haun's Mill Massacre, 1838 : a documentary history / Moore, Beth S. (Beth Shumway), 1927-
West from Salt Lake : diaries from the central overland trail /
When law was in the holster : the frontier life of Bob Paul / Boessenecker, John, 1953-
Flint Hills cowboys : tales from the tallgrass prairie / Hoy, James F.
Virginia City : secrets of a western past / James, Ronald M. (Ronald Michael), 1955-
Contest for California : from Spanish colonization to the American conquest / Hyslop, Stephen G. (Stephen Garrison), 1950-
Saving San Francisco : relief and recovery after the 1906 disaster / Davies, Andrea Rees, 1966-
El Cinco de Mayo : an American tradition / Hayes-Bautista, David E., 1945-
Gender and the negotiation of daily life in Mexico, 1750-1856 / Lipsett-Rivera, Sonya, 1961-
General Jo Shelby's march / Arthur, Anthony
Contemporary Mexican politics / Edmonds-Poli, Emily, 1970-
Latin American popular culture since independence : an introduction /
Problems in modern Latin American history : sources and interpretations /
A concise history of the Caribbean / Higman, B. W., 1943-
Haiti : the aftershocks of history / Dubois, Laurent, 1971-
The slaves who defeated Napoleon : Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian War of Independence, 1801-1804 / Girard, Philippe R.
The Caribbean : a history of the region and its peoples /
Simon Bolivar : Venezuelan rebel, American revolutionary / Langley, Lester D.
Colombia : a concise contemporary history / LaRosa, Michael (Michael J.)
The corner of the living : Ayacucho on the eve of the Shining Path insurgency / La Serna, Miguel.
Pachakutik : indigenous movements and electoral politics in Ecuador / Becker, Marc
Behind the smile : the working lives of Caribbean tourism / Gmelch, George
Russian exploration, from Siberia to space : a history / Bonhomme, Brian, 1962-
Titanic century : media, myth, and the making of a cultural icon / Heyer, Paul, 1946-
Concise historical atlas of the U.S. Civil War / Sheehan-Dean, Aaron Charles
The orphaned land : New Mexico's environment since the Manhattan Project / Price, V. B. (Vincent Barrett)
The environmental moment, 1968-1972 / Stradling, David
A people's history of environmentalism in the United States / Montrie, Chad
Love Canal revisited : race, class, and gender in environmental activism / Blum, Elizabeth D.
Placing Latin America : contemporary themes in geography /
China : its environment and history / Marks, Robert, 1949-
Silent witness : how forensic anthropology is used to solve the world's toughest crimes / Ferllini, Roxana
Chronology of the evolution-creationism controversy / Moore, Randy
DNA USA : a genetic portrait of America / Sykes, Bryan
The peoples of Southeast Asia today : ethnography, ethnology, and change in a complex region / Winzeler, Robert L.
A history of the world in 100 objects / MacGregor, Neil, 1946-
100 ideas that changed fashion / Worsley, Harriet
The idea of leisure : first principles / Stebbins, Robert A., 1938-
Into the silence : the Great War, Mallory, and the conquest of Everest / Davis, Wade
ACC basketball : the story of the rivalries, traditions, and scandals of the first two decades of the Atlantic Coast Conference / Walker, J. Samuel
Game faces : five early American champions and the sports they changed / Pauly, Thomas H.
Commodified and criminalized : new racism and African Americans in contemporary sports /
Sport and society in the global age / Marjoribanks, Timothy, 1965-
Base jumping : the ultimate guide / Laurendeau, Jason
Surfing : the ultimate guide / Booth, Douglas
Snowboarding : the ultimate guide / Thorpe, Holly
Banzai Babe Ruth : baseball, espionage, & assassination during the 1934 tour of Japan / Fitts, Robert K., 1965-
Connie Mack : the turbulent and triumphant years, 1915-1931 / Macht, Norman L. (Norman Lee), 1929-
Double no-hit : Johnny Vander Meer's historic night under the lights / Johnson, James W., 1938-
Conspiracy of silence : sportswriters and the long campaign to desegregate baseball / Lamb, Chris, 1958-
The team that forever changed baseball and America : the 1947 Brooklyn Dodgers /
The kings of Casino Park : Black baseball in the lost season of 1932 / Aiello, Thomas, 1977-
1921 : the Yankees, the Giants, and the battle for baseball supremacy in New York / Spatz, Lyle, 1937-
Beyond bend it like Beckham : the global phenomenon of women's soccer / Grainey, Timothy F.
Showdown : JFK and the integration of the Washington Redskins / Smith, Thomas G. (Thomas Gary), 1945-
Playing along : digital games, YouTube, and virtual performance / Miller, Kiri
Glued to games : how video games draw us in and hold us spellbound / Rigby, Scott
The wealth or health of nations : transforming capitalism from within / Johnston, Carol (Carol Frances), 1951-
The instant economist : everything you need to know about how the economy works / Taylor, Timothy, 1960-
Why capitalism? / Meltzer, Allan H.
Chinese migrations : the movement of people, goods, and ideas over four millennia / Lary, Diana
Black box casino : how Wall Street's risky shadow banking crashed global finance / England, Robert Stowe
The clash of generations : saving ourselves, our kids, and our economy / Kotlikoff, Laurence J.
The price of politics / Woodward, Bob, 1943-
Disciplining the poor : neoliberal paternalism and the persistent power of race /
The war on poverty : a new grassroots history, 1964-1980 /
The Caribbean, the genesis of a fragmented nationalism / Knight, Franklin W.
The little black book of innovation : how it works, how to do it / Anthony, Scott D.
The search for survival : lessons from disruptive technologies / Lucas, Henry C.
The social entrepreneur's handbook : how to start, build, and run a business that improves the world / Scofield, Rupert
Grow to greatness : smart growth for entrepreneurial businesses / Hess, Edward D., author.
Brand turnaround : how brands gone bad returned to glory and the seven game changers that made the difference / Post, Karen
The ever-evolving enterprise : guidelines for creating your company's future / Harper, Stephen C.
The store in the hood : a century of ethnic business and conflict / Gold, Steven J. (Steven James)
Privatize this? : assessing the opportunities and costs of privatization / McGowan, Richard, 1952-
Where did the jobs go-- and how do we get them back? : your guided tour to America's employment crisis / Bittle, Scott
Global Filipinos : migrants' lives in the virtual village / McKay, Deirdre, 1967-
Working without committments : the health effects of precarious employment / Lewchuk, Wayne
A mine of her own : women prospectors in the American West, 1850-1950 / Zanjani, Sally Springmeyer, 1937-
For the family? : how class and gender shape women's work / Damaske, Sarah
High-skilled immigration in a global labor market /
The declining work and welfare of people with disabilities : what went wrong and a strategy for change / Burkhauser, Richard V.
The great American housing bubble : the road to collapse / Hardaway, Robert M., 1946-
Regulating low-skilled immigration in the United States / Hanson, Gordon
Opting out : losing the potential of America's young black elite / Beasley, Maya A.
The real cost of cheap food / Carolan, Michael S.
The politics of food : the global conflict between food security and food sovereignty / Schanbacher, William D.
Golden holocaust : origins of the cigarette catastrophe and the case for abolition / Proctor, Robert, 1954-
Unlocking energy innovation : how America can build a low-cost, low-carbon energy system / Lester, Richard K. (Richard Keith), 1954-
Crude reality : petroleum in world history / Black, Brian, 1966-
The petroleum triangle : oil, globalization, and terror / Yetiv, Steven A.
Run to failure : BP and the making of the Deepwater Horizon disaster / Lustgarten, Abrahm
The oil curse : how petroleum wealth shapes the development of nations / Ross, Michael, 1961-
Romancing the atom : nuclear infatuation from the radium girls to Fukushima / Johnson, Robert R., 1951-
High voltage : the fast track to plug in the auto industry / Motavalli, Jim
The conversion of Scandinavia : vikings, merchants, and missionaries in the remaking of Northern Europe / Winroth, Anders
The daily you : how the new advertising industry is defining your identity and your world / Turow, Joseph
Consumer behavior : women and shopping / Huddleston, Patricia
The end of diversity as we know it : why diversity efforts fail and how leveraging difference can succeed / Davidson, Martin N.
How to keep score in business : accounting and financial analysis for the non-accountant / Follett, Robert J. R.
The real mad men : the renegades of Madison Avenue and the golden age of advertising / Cracknell, Andrew
Finance and the good society / Shiller, Robert J.
Borrow : the America way of debt/ Hyman, Louis, 1977-
Broke : how debt bankrupts the middle class /
Progressive consumption taxation : the X tax revisited / Carroll, Robert
Governing to win : enhancing national competitiveness through new policy and operating approaches /
Social things : an introduction to the sociological life / Lemert, Charles C., 1937-
Public parts : how sharing in the digital age improves the way we work and live / Jarvis, Jeff, 1954-
Return on influence : the revolutionary power of Klout, social scoring, and influence marketing / Schaefer, Mark
I know who you are and I saw what you did : social networks and the death of privacy / Andrews, Lori B., 1952-
Beyond the blogosphere : information and its children / Barlow, Aaron, 1951-
Bloggerati, twitterati : how blogs and Twitter are transforming popular culture / Cross, Mary, 1934-
The global Muslim community at a crossroads : understanding religious beliefs, practices, and infighting to end the conflict /
Right wing resurgence : how a domestic terrorist threat is being ignored / Johnson, Daryl, 1969-
A history of violence : from the end of the Middle Ages to the present / Muchembled, Robert, 1944-
America's war on sex : the continuing attack on law, lust, and liberty / Klein, Marty
Understanding asexuality / Bogaert, Anthony F., 1963-
The myth of sex addiction / Ley, David J., 1973-
Sex in college : the things they don't write home about /
Prostitution and sex work / Ditmore, Melissa Hope
Prostitution in the digital age : selling sex from the suite to the street / Flowers, R. Barri (Ronald Barri)
Carnal resonance : affect and online pornography / Paasonen, Susanna, 1975-
Internet child pornography : causes, investigation, and prevention / Wortley, Richard
The American family : from obligation to freedom / Peterson del Mar, David, 1957-
The educated parent 2 : child rearing in the 21st century / Sclafani, Joseph D.
Living faith : everyday religion and mothers in poverty / Sullivan, Susan
A history of the birth control movement in America / Engelman, Peter
Understanding abortion : from mixed feelings to rational thought / Schwarz, Stephen D.
Armed for life : the Army of God and anti-abortion terror in the United States / Jefferis, Jennifer L.
Childism : confronting prejudice against children / Young-Bruehl, Elisabeth
The middle school mind : growing pains in early adolescent brains / Marshall, Richard M.
Plural marriage for our times : a reinvented option? / Kilbride, Philip Leroy
Masculine identities : the history and meanings of manliness / Sussman, Herbert L.
History & women, culture & faith : selected writings of Elizabeth Fox-Genovese / Fox-Genovese, Elizabeth, 1941-2007
Alva Vanderbilt Belmont : unlikely champion of women's rights / Hoffert, Sylvia D.
Women's roles in eighteenth-century America / Smith, Merril D., 1956-
Women's roles in Latin America and the Caribbean / Sloan, Kathryn A., 1961-
Women's roles in eighteenth-century Europe / Hurl-Eamon, Jennine
Victorian needlework / Ledbetter, Kathryn
A history of women in Russia : from earliest times to the present / Clements, Barbara Evans, 1945-
Women's roles in the Middle East and North Africa / Beitler, Ruth Margolies, 1966-
Women's roles in sub-Saharan Africa / Falola, Toyin
In the watches of the night : life in the nocturnal city, 1820-1930 / Baldwin, Peter C., 1962-
The ever-changing American city : 1945-present / Bauman, John F., 1938-
The making of urban America /
The rise of middle-class culture in nineteenth-century Spain / Cruz, Jesus
The interesting narrative of the life of Olaudah Equiano / Equiano, Olaudah, b. 1745
An African's life : the life and times of Olaudah Equiano, 1745-1797 / Walvin, James, 1942-.
The Dutch Atlantic : slavery, abolition and emancipation / Nimako, Kwame
Color in the classroom : how American schools taught race, 1900-1954 / Burkholder, Zoe
Should race matter? : unusual answers to the usual questions / Boonin, David
Seeing white : an introduction to white privilege and race / Halley, Jean O'Malley, 1967-
The ethics and mores of race : equality after the history of philosophy / Zack, Naomi, 1944-
Rethinking the welfare rights movement / Nadasen, Premilla
Pluralism and freedom : faith-based organizations in a democratic society / Monsma, Stephen V., 1936-
The neoliberal deluge : Hurricane Katrina, late capitalism, and the remaking of New Orleans /
The women of Katrina : how gender, race, and class matter in an American disaster /
White parents, black children : experiencing transracial adoption / Smith, Darron T., 1965-
The deaf community in America : history in the making / Nomeland, Melvia M., 1940-
Alcohol : its history, pharmacology, and treatment / Rose, Mark Edmund
Blowing smoke : rethinking the war on drugs without prohibition and rehab / Reznicek, Michael J., 1958-
Toward a unified criminology : integrating assumptions about crime, people and society / Agnew, Robert, 1953-
Revolution in penology : rethinking the society of captives / Arrigo, Bruce A.
The gender of crime / Britton, Dana M.
The femicide machine / Gonzalez Rodriguez, Sergio.
Crimes against nature : illegal industries and the global environment / Liddick, Don
Munich 1972 : tragedy, terror, and triumph at the Olympic Games / Large, David Clay
All hell broke loose : American race riots from the Progressive Era through World War II / Collins, Ann V.
Drowning girls in China : female infanticide since 1650 / Mungello, D. E. (David Emil), 1943-
The missing girls and women of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan : a sociological study of infanticide, forced prostitution, political imprisonment, "ghost brides," runaways, and thrownaways, 1900-2000s / Huang, Hua-Lun, 1962-
The money laundry : regulating criminal finance in the global economy / Sharman, J. C. (Jason Campbell), 1973-
Digital piracy : an integrated theoretical approach / Higgins, George E.
The city that became safe : New York's lessons for urban crime and its control / Zimring, Franklin E.
Terrorism, ticking time-bombs, and torture : a philosophical analysis / Allhoff, Fritz
Doing time in the depression : everyday life in Texas and California prisons / Blue, Ethan
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness : ten years of the Claremont Review of books /
The morality of spin : virtue and vice in political rhetoric and the Christian right / Klemp, Nathaniel J., 1979-
Thinking the twentieth century / Judt, Tony
Bordering and ordering the twenty-first century : understanding borders / Popescu, Gabriel, 1971-
Democracy despite itself : why a system that shouldn't work at all works so well / Oppenheimer, Danny
After capitalism / Schweickart, David
Universal rights down to earth / Ford, Richard T. (Richard Thompson)
Unpopular privacy : what must we hide? / Allen, Anita L., 1953-
Privacy : defending an illusion / Dowding, Martin Ridley
Human rights in our own backyard : injustice and resistance in the United States /
The rise of the federal colossus : the growth of federal power from Lincoln to F.D.R. / Zavodnyik, Peter, 1969-
The myth of fair and efficient government : why the government you want is not the one you get / Marlow, Michael L.
Reducing uncertainty : intelligence analysis and national security / Fingar, Thomas, author.
William Colby and the CIA : the secret wars of a controversial spymaster / Prados, John
Epic journey : the 2008 elections and American politics : post-2010 election update / Ceaser, James W.
The making of the presidential candidates 2012 /
The President's czars : undermining Congress and the Constitution / Sollenberger, Mitchel A.
The public Congress : Congressional deliberation in a new media age / Malecha, Gary Lee, 1955-
Defending the filibuster : the soul of the senate / Arenberg, Richard A., 1945-
iPolitics : citizens, elections, and governing in the new media era /
Branding the candidate : marketing strategies to win your vote / Spiller, Lisa
Rule and ruin : the downfall of moderation and the destruction of the Republican Party, from Eisenhower to the Tea Party / Kabaservice, Geoffrey M.
German colonialism : a short history / Conrad, Sebastian
Humane migration : establishing legitimacy and rights for displaced people / Ho, Christine G. T., 1943-
Daily life in immigrant America, 1870-1920 / Alexander, June Granatir, 1948-
Daily life in immigrant America, 1820-1870 / Bergquist, James M.
The world America made / Kagan, Robert
Globalization and citizenship / Schattle, Hans
The European Union and the Arab Spring : promoting democracy and human rights in the Middle East /
Russian foreign policy : the return of great power politics / Mankoff, Jeffrey, 1977-
Seeking security in an insecure world / Caldwell, Dan
Disarming states : the international movement to ban landmines / Rutherford, Ken, 1962-
Reproductive justice : a global concern /
Telling it to the judge : taking Native history to court / Ray, Arthur J.
The woman who dared to vote : the trial of Susan B. Anthony / Hull, N. E. H., 1949-
One man out : Curt Flood versus baseball / Goldman, Robert Michael
Gibbons v. Ogden : John Marshall, steamboats, and the commerce clause / Johnson, Herbert Alan
Buying America from the Indians : Johnson v. McIntosh and the history of native land rights / Watson, Blake A., 1956-
The Detroit school busing case : Milliken v. Bradley and the controversy over desegregation / Baugh, Joyce A.
Roe v. Wade : the abortion rights controversy in American history / Hull, N. E. H., 1949-
Witches, wife beaters, and whores : common law and common folk in early America / Crane, Elaine Forman
What we have done : an oral history of the disability rights movement / Pelka, Fred, 1954-
Intellectual property / Hunter, Dan, 1966-
Before Earth Day : the origins of American environmental law, 1945-1970 / Brooks, Karl Boyd
Making environmental law : the politics of protecting the Earth / Marion, Nancy E.
The euthanasia / assisted-suicide debate / Pappas, Demetra M.
The Bible, the school, and the Constitution : the clash that shaped the modern church-state doctrine / Green, Steven K. (Steven Keith), 1955-
The revolutionary constitution / Bodenhamer, David J.
Dred Scott and the politics of slavery / Maltz, Earl M., 1950-
Fugitive slave on trial : the Anthony Burns case and abolitionist outrage / Maltz, Earl M., 1950-
Slavery and the Supreme Court, 1825-1861 / Maltz, Earl M., 1950-
Constitutional redemption : political faith in an unjust world / Balkin, J. M.
Infinite hope and finite disappointment : the story of the first interpreters of the Fourteenth Amendment /
Bush v. Gore : exposing the hidden crisis in American democracy / Zelden, Charles L., 1963-
Rebuilding the ark : new perspectives on Endangered Species Act reform /
Cruel & unusual : the American death penalty and the founders' Eighth Amendment / Bessler, John D.
Capital punishment / Melusky, Joseph Anthony
A troubled marriage : domestic violence and the legal system / Goodmark, Leigh, 1969-
The sodomy cases : Bowers v. Hardwick and Lawrence v. Texas / Richards, David A. J.
Child exploitation and trafficking : examining the global challenges and U.S. responses / Kendall, Virginia M., 1962-
Justice for kids : keeping kids out of the juvenile justice system /
Do the crime, do the time : juvenile criminals and adult justice in the American court system / Mays, G. Larry
Pivotal moments : how educators can put all students on the path to college / Espinoza, Roberta
Republic of noise : the loss of solitude in schools and culture / Senechal, Diana
From text to txting : new media in the classroom /
Comic books and American cultural history : an anthology /
A guide to better teaching : skills, advice, and evaluation for college and university professors / Jahangiri, Leila
Fitting form to function : a primer on the organization of academic institutions / Weingartner, Rudolph H. (Rudolph Herbert)
Freedom of choice : vouchers in American education / Carl, Jim
Teachers matter : rethinking how public schools identify, reward, and retain great educators / Winters, Marcus A.
Tyranny of the textbook : an insider exposes how educational materials undermine reforms / Jobrack, Beverlee
School lunch politics : the surprising history of America's favorite welfare program / Levine, Susan, 1947-
Carrots, sticks, and the bully pulpit : lessons from a half-century of federal efforts to improve America's schools /
Do children drop out of school in kindergarten? : a reflective, systems-based approach for promoting deep change / Hickman, Gregory P., 1965-
America's urban crisis and the advent of color-blind politics : education, incarceration, segregation, and the future of U.S. multiracial democracy /
Teaching America : the future of civic education / Feith, David
The Latino student's guide to college success /
Black educational choice : assessing the private and public alternatives to traditional K-12 public schools /
The African American struggle for secondary schooling, 1940-1980: closing the graduation gap / Rury, John L., 1951-
You need a schoolhouse : Booker T. Washington, Julius Rosenwald, and the building of schools for the segregated South / Deutsch, Stephanie
Arlo Guthrie : the Warner/Reprise years / Reineke, Hank, 1961-
Music of the 1980s / Harrison, Thomas (Thomas R.), 1969-
Music of the 1990s / Harrison, Thomas (Thomas R.), 1969-
Hip hop's amnesia : from blues and the black women's club movement to rap and the hip hop movement / Rabaka, Reiland, 1972-
Metal rules the globe : heavy metal music around the world /
Pop song piracy : disobedient music distribution since 1929 / Kernfeld, Barry Dean, 1950-
Scales to scalpels : doctors who practice the healing arts of music and medicine / Wong, Lisa.
Worship across the racial divide : religious music and the multiracial congregation / Marti, Gerardo, 1965-
Exhibiting blackness : African Americans and the American art museum / Cooks, Bridget R., 1972-
The geometric unconscious : a century of abstraction /
Celebrating the American spirit : masterworks from Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art / Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
Pavement chalk artist : the three-dimensional drawings of Julian Beever / Beever, Julian.
When Magoo flew : the rise and fall of animation studio UPA / Abraham, Adam
The serpent & the lamb : Cranach, Luther, and the making of the Reformation / Ozment, Steven E.
Lest we forget : masterpieces of patriotic jewelry and military decorations / Price, Judith, 1942-
American Indians and the mass media /
Globalization and media : global village of Babel / Lule, Jack, 1954-
After broadcast news : media regimes, democracy, and the new information environment / Williams, Bruce Alan
How to write about the media today / Tovares, Raul Damacio, 1952-
Popular trauma culture : selling the pain of others in the mass media / Rothe, Anne
Fanpires : audience consumption of the modern vampire /
Math girls / Yuki, Hiroshi
Children's picturebooks : the art of visual storytelling / Salisbury, Martin
Whiting up : whiteface minstrels & stage Europeans in African American performance / McAllister, Marvin Edward, 1969-
Reality TV / Kavka, Misha
The DVD novel : how the way we watch television changed the television we watch / Metcalf, Greg
Terrorism TV : popular entertainment in post-9/11 America / Takacs, Stacy
The shut up and shoot : freelance video guide : a down & dirty DV production / Artis, Anthony Q.
Theory of film: the redemption of physical reality / Kracauer, Siegfried, 1889-1966
American film in the digital age / Sickels, Robert
Subjectivity : filmic representation and the spectator's experience /
Moral theory at the movies : an introduction to ethics / Kowalski, Dean A.
Making documentary films and videos : a practical guide to planning, filming, and editing documentaries / Hampe, Barry
Documentary filmmaking : a contemporary film guide / Hewitt, John, 1943-
The documentary film makers handbook / Jolliffe, Genevieve
Succeeding as a documentary filmmaker : a guide to the professional world / Rosenthal, Alan, 1936-
Useful cinema /
Life lessons from slasher films / Robinson, Jessica, 1978-
The screenwriter's workbook / Field, Syd
Screenwriter's compass : character as true North / Gallo, Guy
The 101 habits of highly successful screenwriters : insider secrets from Hollywood's top writers / Iglesias, Karl
How to write a movie in 21 days : the inner movie method / King, Viki
Story : substance, structure, style and the principles of screenwriting / McKee, Robert, 1941-
Conversations at the American Film Institute with the great moviemakers : the next generation /
Special effects make-up / Vinther, Janus
The actor within : intimate conversations with great actors / Eichenbaum, Rose
Encouraging your child's imagination : a guide and stories for play acting / Bouzoukis, Carol E. (Carol Elaine), 1960-
The Great Passion Play / Kovalcik, Timothy M.
Wikileaks : news in the networked era / Beckett, Charlie
War on words : who should protect journalists? / Lisosky, Joanne M.
The pun also rises : how the humble pun revolutionized language, changed history, and made wordplay more than some antics / Pollack, John
Comics, manga, and graphic novels : a history of graphic narratives / Petersen, Robert S., 1961-
Transatlantic feminisms in the age of revolutions /
Wolf Hall : a novel / Mantel, Hilary, 1952-
Euripides' Medea : in a new version / Paulin, Tom
The casual vacancy / Rowling, J. K.
The suspect / Wright, Laurali, 1939-
A journey through American literature / Hayes, Kevin J.
Regeneration through violence : the mythology of the American frontier, 1600-1860 / Slotkin, Richard, 1942-
Pocahontas : the evolution of an American narrative / Tilton, Robert S.
A history of American literature : 1607-1676 / Tyler, Moses Coit, 1835-1900
Apples and ashes : literature, nationalism, and the Confederate States of America / Hutchison, Coleman, 1977-
An American triptych : Anne Bradstreet, Emily Dickinson, Adrienne Rich / Martin, Wendy, 1940-
The Cambridge companion to American fiction after 1945 /
The works of Anne Bradstreet / Bradstreet, Anne, 1612?-1672
The poems of Edward Taylor / Taylor, Edward, 1642-1729
Saint and singer : Edward Taylor's typology and the poetics of meditation / Rowe, Karen E.
Poems on various subjects, religious and moral / Wheatley, Phillis, 1753-1784
The day of doom, or, A poetical description of the Great and Last Judgment: with a short discourse about eternity/ Wigglesworth, Michael, 1631-1705
The forgotten / Baldacci, David
Moghul buffet / Benard, Cheryl, 1953-
A wanted man : a Reacher novel / Child, Lee
Threat vector / Clancy, Tom, 1947-
The black box : a novel / Connelly, Michael, 1956-
The panther / DeMille, Nelson
Ralph Ellison and the genius of America / Parrish, Timothy, 1964-
The last man : a thriller / Flynn, Vince
The silent girl / Gerritsen, Tess
Victory at Yorktown / Gingrich, Newt
A soldier of the great war / Helprin, Mark
Gone tomorrow / Kluge, P.F. (Paul Frederick), 1942-
All I did was shoot my man / Mosley, Walter
Merry Christmas, Alex Cross / Patterson, James, 1947-
Assisted dying : an ethnographic murder mystery on Florida's gold coast / Nanda, Serena
The Lincoln conspiracy : a novel / O'Brien, Timothy L., 1961-
The pearl diver : a novel / Talarigo, Jeff
Black list : a thriller / Thor, Brad
Men who hate women and women who kick their asses : Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy in feminist perspective /
Free radicals : the secret anarchy of science / Brooks, Michael, 1970-
The nature of science : integrating historical, philosophical, and sociological perspectives / Espinoza, Fernando
The beauty of everyday mathematics / Herrmann, Norbert, 1925-
The new digital storytelling : creating narratives with new media / Alexander, Bryan, 1967-
Alone in the universe : why our planet is unique / Gribbin, John, 1946-
How it began : a time-traveler's guide to the universe / Impey, Chris
You are wrong, Mr. Einstein! : Newton, Einstein, Heisenberg, and Feynman discussing quantum mechanics / Fritzsch, Harald, 1943-
The global warming reader : a century of writing about climate change /
Fifty minerals that changed the world / Chaline, Eric
Dinosaurs : under the aurora / Gangloff, Roland A.
Sold into extinction : the global trade in endangered species / Schneider, Jacqueline L.
Bayou-diversity : nature and people in the Louisiana bayou country / Ouchley, Kelby, 1951-
Death : the scientific facts to help us understand it better / Beliveau, Richard, 1953-
Stem cells : a very short introduction / Slack, J. M. W. (Jonathan Michael Wyndham), 1949-
Joseph Hooker : botanical trailblazer / Griggs, Pat
Cave life of Oklahoma and Arkansas : inventory and conservation of animal diversity in subterranean habitats of the 2-state region / Graening, G. O. (Gary Orval)
Horseshoe crabs and velvet worms : the story of the animals and plants that time has left behind / Fortey, Richard A.
Earth before the dinosaurs / Steyer, Sebastien
Fishes of the central United States / Tomelleri, Joseph R.
Great white shark : myth and reality / Civard-Racinais, Alexandrine
Chameleons / Mattison, Christopher
The smartest animals on the planet / Boysen, Sarah Till, 1949-
Cliffsnotes anatomy & physiology quick review / Pack, Phillip E.
Why have children? : the ethical debate / Overall, Christine, 1949-
Braintrust : what neuroscience tells us about morality / Churchland, Patricia Smith
Viruses : a very short introduction / Crawford, Dorothy H.
Health and wellness in antiquity through the Middle Ages / York, William Henry, 1968-
Nobel prizes that changed medicine /
Death, dying, and organ transplantation : reconstructing medical ethics at the end of life / Miller, Franklin G.
In excellent health : setting the record straight on America's health care and charting a path for future reform / Atlas, Scott W., 1955- author.
Our unsystematic health care system / Budrys, Grace, 1943-
Health care reform and disparities : history, hype, and hope / Miles, Toni P.
Remedy and reaction : the peculiar American struggle over health care reform / Starr, Paul, 1949-
American health economy illustrated / Conover, Christopher J.
Voices of the women's health movement /
Voices of the women's health movement /
Improving health in the United States : the role of health impact assessment / National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Health Impact Assessment
Weighing in : obesity, food justice, and the limits of capitalism / Guthman, Julie
The caring self : the work experiences of home care aides / Stacey, Clare L. (Clare Louise), 1973-
Microbes at war : from the dark ages to modern times / Freney, Jean
Plagues in world history / Aberth, John, 1963-
The science of yoga : the risks and the rewards / Broad, William J.
Anatomy of yoga / Ellsworth, Abby
American Dietetic Association['s] complete food and nutrition guide / Duyff, Roberta Larson
Remaking chronic care in the age of health care reform : changes for lower cost, higher quality treatment / Birenbaum, Arnold
A woman's disease : the history of cervical cancer / Lowy, Ilana, 1948-
Rationality and the pursuit of happiness : the legacy of Albert Ellis / Bernard, Michael Edwin, 1950-
Dealing with anxiety and related disorders : understanding, coping, and prevention / Rudy Nydegger. Nydegger, Rudy V., 1943-
Understanding autism : parents, doctors, and the history of a disorder / Silverman, Chloe
The addicted brain : why we abuse drugs, alcohol, and nicotine / Kuhar, Michael J.
Downs : the history of a disability / Wright, David, 1965-
Man and wound in the ancient world : a history of military medicine from Sumer to the fall of Constantinople / Gabriel, Richard A.
Steroids : a new look at performance-enhancing drugs / Beamish, Rob
The athlete's clock : how biology and time affect sport performance / Rowland, Thomas W.
Plastic surgery / Thompson, Lana
The organ donor experience : good samaritans and the meaning of altruism / Bramstedt, Katrina A.
Baby-making / Fauser, B. C. J. M. (Bart C. J. M.)
Drugging our children : how profiteers are pushing antipsychotics on our youngest, and what we can do to stop it /
Your child does not have bipolar disorder : how bad science and good public relations created the diagnosis / Kaplan, Stuart L.
Youth violence : theory, prevention, and intervention / Seifert, Kathryn
Food and the city : urban agriculture and the new food revolution / Cockrall-King, Jennifer, 1971-
Environmental safety of genetically engineered crops /
Genetically modified crops / Halford, N. G. (Nigel G.)
Vegetables : a biography / Bloch-Dano, Evelyne, author.
Reclaiming our food : how the grassroots food movement is changing the way we eat / Cobb, Tanya Denckla, 1956-
How Kentucky became southern : a tale of outlaws, horse thieves, gamblers, and breeders / Wall, Maryjean
Overfishing : what everyone needs to know / Hilborn, Ray, 1947-
The entrepreneurial spirit of African American inventors / Sluby, Patricia Carter
Abundance : the future is better than you think / Diamandis, Peter H.
To forgive design : understanding failure / Petroski, Henry
Recycling reconsidered : the present failure and future promise of environmental action in the United States / MacBride, Samantha
Beyond the age of oil : the myths, realities, and future of fossil fuels and their alternatives / Maugeri, Leonardo, 1964-
Green illusions : the dirty secrets of clean energy and the future of environmentalism / Zehner, Ozzie
Renewable electricity generation : economic analysis and outlook / Zycher, Benjamin
Digital universe : the global telecommunication revolution. Seel, Peter Benjamin
Authoritative guide to Web search engines / Maze, Susan
Writing for the web : creating compelling web content using words, pictures, and sound / Felder, Lynda
How to design websites / Pipes, Alan
The practical zone system : for film and digital photography / Johnson, Chris, 1948-
Gaffers, grips, and best boys / Taub, Eric
Lighting for digital video and television / Jackman, John, 1957-
Free stylin' : how hip hop changed the fashion industry / Romero, Elena, 1973-
Pink and blue : telling the boys from the girls in America / Paoletti, Jo Barraclough, 1949-
The kitchen as laboratory : reflections on the science of food and cooking /
Preserving : made at home / Strawbridge, Dick
150 best donut recipes : fried or baked / Geary, George
175 best babycakes cupcake maker recipes : easy recipes for bite-size cupcakes, cheesecakes, mini pies and more! / Moore, Kathy, 1954-
Arkansas pie : a delicious slice of the Natural State / Robinson, Kat
The age of total war, 1860-1945 / Black, Jeremy
Insurgents, raiders, and bandits : how masters of irregular warfare have shaped our world / Arquilla, John
The new legions : American strategy and the responsibility of power / Atkeson, Edward B.
America's school for war : Fort Leavenworth, officer education, and victory in World War II / Schifferle, Peter J.
Pakistan / Hasnat, Syed Farooq
National security intelligence : secret operations in defense of the democracies / Johnson, Loch K., 1942-
War! what is it good for? : Black freedom struggles and the U.S. military from World War II to Iraq / Phillips, Kimberley L. (Kimberley Louise), 1960-
Animals in the military : from Hannibal's elephants to the dolphins of the U.S. Navy / Kistler, John M., 1967-
The CIA's greatest covert operation : inside the daring mission to recover a nuclear-armed Soviet sub / Sharp, David H.
The United States Coast Guard and national defense : a history from World War I to the present / Ostrom, Thomas P.
Preserving local writers, genealogy, photographs, newspapers, and related materials /
Digital media : technological and social challenges of the interactive world /
Ancestors and relatives : genealogy, identity and community / Zerubavel, Eviatar
The Marshall Mission to China, 1945-1947 : the letters and diary of Colonel John Hart Caughey / Caughey, John Hart
Japan : a concise history / Meyer, Milton Walter
Murder state : California's native American genocide, 1846-1873 / Lindsay, Brendan C.
Leak : why Mark Felt became Deep Throat / Holland, Max
Marching with Dr. King : Ralph Helstein and the United Packinghouse Workers of America / Robinson, Cyril D.
Jews and booze : becoming American in the age of prohibition / Davis, Marni
What the U.S. can learn from China : an open-minded guide to treating our greatest competitor as our greatest teacher / Lee, Ann, MBA
Zoo / Patterson, James, 1947-
Mad River / Sandford, John, 1944 Feb. 23-
Tier One Wild : a Delta Force novel / Fury, Dalton
Between the lines /
Motivation and personality / Maslow, Abraham H. (Abraham Harold)
Ethnic groups of Europe : an encyclopedia /
Saudi Arabia / Zuhur, Sherifa
China at war : an encyclopedia /
Legends of American Indian resistance / Rielly, Edward J.
World heritage sites : a complete guide to 936 UNESCO world heritage sites /
Atlas of the great plains / Lavin, Stephen J. (Stephen James)
First encounters : native voices on the coming of the Europeans /
Ethnic groups of Africa and the Middle East : an encyclopedia / Shoup, John A.
Clothing through American history : the Civil War through the Gilded Age, 1861-1899 / Stamper, Anita A.
The sports hall of fame encyclopedia : baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer / Blevins, David
Disabilities sourcebook : basic consumer information health information about disabilities that affect the body, mind, and senses... /
Media ethics : cases and moral reasoning /
Introduction to film studies /
Documentary for the small screen / Kriwaczek, Paul
Earth science. Earth's weather, water, and atmosphere /
Earth science. Earth's weather, water, and atmosphere /
Saunders comprehensive review for the NCLEX-PN examination / Silvestri, Linda Anne
Earth science. Earth materials and resources /
Earth science. Earth materials and resources /
Basic lighting worktext for film and video / Ferncase, Richard K.
The world history of animation / Cavalier, Stephen
America's heroes : Medal of Honor recipients from the Civil War to Afghanistan /
Between the lines /

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