Giving to SouthArk

Mission, Vision, and Values

College Mission

South Arkansas Community College promotes excellence in learning, teaching, and service; provides lifelong educational opportunities; and serves as a cultural, intellectual, and economic resource for the community.

College Vision

South Arkansas Community College will strive to be the leading resource for accessible education, workforce training, partnerships and economic development for our region.

College Core Values

The college has identified six values statements that serve as guiding principles in fulfilling the Mission Statement.

Excellence in Education
We are committed to providing students access to a highly competent, innovative, and supportive faculty and staff; modern facilities equipped with current technology; and high-quality academic and occupational programs.
Student Learning
We are committed to providing support, respect, and encouragement, thereby enabling students to achieve their educational goals and develop skills for lifelong learning.
Contribution to the Community
We strive to serve the academic, occupational, and enrichment needs of the community; enhance its quality of life; and support economic development in South Arkansas.
Quality of Work Environment
Recognizing that everyone contributes to the learning process, we value each member of our college community; foster respect, trust, and support among faculty, staff, and students; encourage responsible, creative risk-taking and innovation; and recognize and reward exceptional performance and integrity.
Respect for Diversity
Believing that everyone should have an opportunity to learn and succeed, we value intellectual and cultural diversity in the classroom, in the workplace, and in the community.
Commitment to Accountability
We are committed to continuous evaluation of our institution to address the needs of the present and to meet the challenges of the future.

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Study at SouthArk and Save!

Students routinely devote their first two years in college to completing the core curriculum before moving into studies in their selected major. You can complete your entire core curriculum at SACC and then transfer the entire block to any public four-year college or university.

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