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The mission of Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research at South Arkansas Community College is to lead and assist in developing research protocols; coordinate institutional research; provide timely and accurate data to enhance effective decision making and planning; and continually use feedback to improve the College and help to fulfill its mission and goals.


In an effort assist you with your research needs, we will post several different sources of institutional information on this section of the website.  All documents will be updated periodically.

The SouthArk Fact Book contains regional data acquired from the census, school enrollment and demographic statistics for the specified year, as well as some longitudinal data from the College. (2010-2011), (2011-2012), (2012-2013), (2013-2014)

Our Main Dashboard is a quick visual reference for some of the most commonly requested information about the College.  We are also in the process of adding separate dashboards for benchmark comparisons and strategic plan accomplishments.

The SouthArk Fact Card is a one page summary of enrollment , top degree programs, graduations, etc. 
This document is updated several times a year. (2010-2011), (2011-2012), (2012-2013), (2013-2014), (2014-2015)


Additional Resources of Interest:

Please use the following for historical reference only.  The cotents here in may not reflect current practices or data.
Documents are in Adobe .pdf format.   You must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view these pages.  If you need Adobe Reader, you can download it here.



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