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Office of Information Technology


Dr. William T. Kirk, Chief Information Officer, TEC 136, 870-864-7154, wtkirk@southark.edu
Daphane Shultz, Technology Support Analyst, TEC 207, 870-864-7198, dshultz@southark.edu

With offices in the Computer Technology Building (TEC) on SouthArk's west campus, the Office of Information Technology’s team of seven professional and classified staff support the College's academic and service missions by maintaining a robust technology infrastructure and providing help desk, research, and other technology support services.

The Office of Information Technology supports the mission of the college by providing technology-related services and support for students, staff and faculty as technology becomes an ever more integral to the college’s mission.  We commit to develop and maintain a client-centric culture and continually evaluate ourselves to foster improvement.  As we maintain and improve today's technology services, we also envision and create the information technology portfolio that will best meet SouthArk's needs in the future.

Foundational Principles:

    • Driven by the College Mission

    • Centered on Our Colleagues

    • Delivering Reliable, Relevant Services

    • Committed to Continuous Improvement

    • Able to Demonstrate Value

    • Focused on the Future

    • Grounded in Our Staff

Hours of Operation:
The Office of Information Technology has one or more team members on campus from 7:00 am until 8:00 pm (Fall & Spring; 6:30 PM during the Summer) Monday through Thursday and until 12:00 pm on Friday. It is, however, not uncommon to see members of the IT team on campus outside of these regular business hours and we are happy to assist you, shoud you see us.

Contacting OIT for Support:
For non-emergency support, the most effective method of requesting assistance is to send an email to the information technology department at it-workorder@southark.edu as this will automaticly create a workorder and notice the entire IT team of your request.

Should the email option not be available to you, calling extention 120 (870.864.7120) will automatically forward your voice message to every team member's email inbox.

For emergency technical support, the most effect way to reach the team is to call the College operator and ask her to radio the the team member(s) on duty. Shoud the operator not be available, security officers and physical plant staff can contact the team.

OIT Team:
Tim Kirk, Ph.D. Chief Information Officer 870.864.7154
  TEC 136   wtkirk@southark.edu
David Griffith Assistant Director 870.864.7158
  TEC 216   dgriffith@southark.edu
Chris Sullivant Database Administrator 870.864.7173
  TEC 137   csullivant@southark.edu
Beck, Wayne Technology Support Analyst 870.864.8404
  TEC 138   wbeck@southark.edu
Daphane Shultz Technology Support Analyst 870.864.7198
  TEC 207   dshultz@southark.edu
Mike Roberts Technology Support Analyst 870.864.7157
  TEC 205   mroberts@southark.edu




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