09-12-2008 El Dorado Chemical Company donates gift to SouthArk Foundation

September 12, 2008

South Arkansas Community College is pleased to invite the community to a reception in honor of El Dorado Chemical Company for their support of education in south Arkansas.  We will formally recognize the generosity and community spirit of El Dorado Chemical Company, LSB Industries, and the Golsen Family.  SouthArk considers it an honor to recognize our benefactors who have significantly invested in SouthArk’s vision and today we are recognizing EDC in a special way for their support of giving program.

South Arkansas Community College El Dorado Chemical Company is leading the way for securing a long range "vision" for the south Arkansas region through our educational efforts--in support of real and viable growth.  SouthArk, through its educational and workforce training programs, is the logical catalyst for change and we are willing to accept the role, however, we recognize that we must do so in cooperation and partnership with the community and business and industry.


SouthArk recognizes El Dorado Chemical’s commitment to improving our citizens’ quality of life through education.  EDC has a proven track record of a commitment to the sustainability of south Arkansas through their financial contributions and the volunteer efforts of its employees.   EDC clearly makes a difference in our local economic success by supporting educational opportunities.  SouthArk is proud to be a collaborative partner with EDC for the sake of the community good.

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