Department of Student Services


Dr. Jim Bullock, Vice President of Student Services, ECC 263, 870-864-7128, jbullock@southark.edu
Lucy Carr, Administrative Specialist, ECC 262, 870-875-7262, lcarr@southark.edu

South Arkansas Community College—or "SouthArk"—is a comprehensive community college based in El Dorado, Arkansas.  "Comprehensive" means that we offer a lot of different kinds of education and many different services.

The "community," in our case, is not only our four-county service area (Union, Chicot, Bradley, Ashley) but also the places located outside of that area, and even beyond.  The educational quality that students receive at SouthArk is a matter of pride for us. Our class sizes are smaller than typical university classes. Our staff is known for the care and concern that it shows for individual students.

Graduates of SouthArk who immediately enter the workforce have good reputations for employability. Those who graduate and then transfer are known for exceptional academic abilities.  It also costs less to attend SouthArk than it does other colleges in the area, so whether you want to come here to complete your educational journey, or if you intend to take some coursework before transferring to a university, you will save money, learn—and have fun while doing it!

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