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Corporate Education


In addition to the traditional academic and occupational education available at South Arkansas Community College, SouthArk offers a variety of classes for either non-credit or college credit to provide job skills and safety skills in the workplace.  Training is offered by open enrollment class at SouthArk or by customized contract training at SouthArk or the job site. SouthArk also works with groups of people to organize and manage a training program through the college such as the Electrical Apprenticeship Program for non-union companies and the South Arkansas C-Stop program (a partnership of seven companies in South Arkansas).

Open enrollment classes are offered throughout the week at various times and locations.  Courses vary in length from a one-time meeting to a full semester. Customized contract training can be held at the request of one or more companies in a location and at a time of their choosing (subject to instructor and classroom availability). Instructors for all classes are chosen for their special expertise and come from area businesses and industries, the professional community, local government, the College's faculty, and retired citizens.

The Dean of Continuing Education also works with employers on writing grants to help fund training for employees. One of the most widely used is the EWTP (Existing Worker Training Program) grants available through the Arkansas Economic Development Commission.  In the El Dorado area the main employers eligible for these grants are manufacturers and corporate offices located in El Dorado.  Others are eligible by joining SAWTEC (South Arkansas Workforce Training and Education Consortium).

Corporate Education endeavors to be a vital part of the business community, cooperating with and actively participating in the activities of the Chamber of Commerce; SAWTEC (South Arkansas Workforce Training and Education Consortium); South Arkansas Electrical Apprenticeship Program; South Arkansas C-Stop Program; government entities; economic development efforts, and workforce development projects.  Employers interested in customized contract training may contact Jamie McConathy at 870-864-7193 or email jmcconathy (at) southark.edu.

Courses and Programs

Examples of courses and programs include:

  • Basic Operator Training
  • Confined Space Training
  • Occupational Spanish
  • Project Management
  • First Aid/CPR/AED
  • Supervisor Training
  • Microsoft Software Applications
  • 10-HR and 30-HR OSHA Construction Outreach


The C-STOP program was created to address the need for uniform and consistent training of contract workers in the petrochemical and energy plant environment of South Arkansas at an orientation level. Industries driving the development of the C-STOP program were Chemtura (Great Lakes Chemical); El Dorado Chemical; Entegra; and Lion Oil. Albemarle, in Magnolia, AR, Clean Harbors, DuPont, and Tetra joined the program after it began. It is anticipated that other companies will join in the future. A list of participating companies is available and will be updated as companies join. C-STOP is an instructor led course. The curriculum was customized to fit the needs of local industries.

Schedule and Fees

Courses are organized on demand.  Schedules are published 3 times per year. Anyone interested in offerings not scheduled or anyone wanting to be added to the schedule/class notification e-mail distribution list may contact the Corporate Education office, (870) 864-7192 or email  .  The schedule of current open enrollment classes is available by clicking on the picture of the schedule located on this page.

Corporate Education instructors are selected for their skills and expertise in a variety of fields. They are drawn from businesses, the professions, government, the College faculty, and the community. Anyone interested in teaching may call (870) 864-7193 or email jmcconathy (at) southark.edu. Prospective instructors are furnished with a course proposal form to fill out and return. After the proposal is reviewed, the instructor is invited to do a teaching demonstration.

High school graduation or previous college attendance is NOT required to take a non-credit course. College-credit classes require the normal registration procedures such as placement tests, shots, and registration paperwork.  For information regarding a course, students may e-mail ce (at) southark.edu or call 870- 864-7192.  Students are officially registered in a course when they complete registration and pay fees.  Individuals may pay for their course by one of the following methods:  (1) call 870-864-7163 to pay with a credit card; (2) go to the bookstore on the West Campus (3) go by the Center for Workforce Development (with the correct amount or a check). Employers may be billed for courses by contacting Sherri Whitehead at 870-864-8453 or swhitehead (at) southark.edu. The College reserves the right to cancel classes due to insufficient enrollment.

Course fees vary with the length of classes and course content.  Fees usually include supplies or textbooks unless otherwise noted.

A full refund of fees paid will be made when classes are cancelled.  Full refunds will also be made to students who cancel one week before the first class meeting.  Refunds may be obtained by making a written request to the Community Education office.  If no refund is available because it is past the deadline, then a substitution can be made.

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