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Admission Categories

South Arkansas Community College accepts students in the following categories: Regular Admission, Transfer Admission, High School Student, and Unclassified Student. The application file must be completed within the student's first term of enrollment at South Arkansas Community College.

1. Regular Admission

A. First Time in College - Any applicant who has no previous college enrollment, and who is a graduate of an accredited high school, or who has a GED diploma may be admitted. An official transcript of all high school work completed or official GED scores must be sent to the Admissions Office.

B. Unconditional Admission - Students who complete the core curriculum in high school will be admitted unconditionally. There is no required score on the ACT for unconditional admission for students graduating from a public high school in Arkansas.

C. Conditional Admission - Students who receive a home school, out of state, GED, private school diploma or qualify under the ability to benefit after May 1, 2002, will be conditionally admitted if core curriculum has not been completed. Students who are admitted conditionally to South Arkansas Community College will be admitted with certain requirements or restrictions at initial and/or future enrollment.

  • Those seeking admission to the Associate of Arts degree program must complete at least twelve (12) hours of required general education core and any necessary basic studies courses with at least a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 within the first 30 semester credit hours.
  • Those seeking admission to the Associate of Applied Science degree or Technical Certificate at least six (6) hours of required general education core and six (6) hours of required technical courses and any necessary basic studies courses with at least a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 within the first 30 semester credit hours.

D. Readmission (Former students of SouthArk) - Students previously enrolled at South Arkansas Community College who have been out of school for one or more semesters should contact the Office of Admissions. Official transcripts must be provided from all other institutions attended since the student's previous enrollment at South Arkansas Community College.

E. Opportunity/Ability to Benefit - Applicants who have not graduated from an accredited high school and have not successfully completed the GED examination may be admitted as an Opportunity Classification student. The person must demonstrate the ability to benefit by scoring a minimum scale score on the ASSET Writing Skills, Reading Skills, and Numerical Skills tests of 34, 34, and 33 respectively, or COMPASS Writing Skills, Reading Skills, Prealgebra/Numerical Skills of 31, 60, 21 respectively, or a 14 on the English Section and 15 on the Mathematics Section of the enhanced ACT.

Transfer Admission

A. Permanent (Degree/Certificate Seeking at SouthArk) - Students previously enrolled in other postsecondary institutions must provide evidence of good standing at those institutions. An official transcript must be sent from each institution previously attended to the office of admissions. Students transferring with fifteen (15) or more semester hours earned in general education course work will not be required to take placement tests. However, transfer students must demonstrate basic skills in English and mathematics with either test scores or satisfactory completion of courses.

  1. Students who are not eligible for readmission to their previous institution will be considered for conditional admission.
  2. Transfer students who are on academic probation at their previous institution will be placed on continued academic probation upon admission.
  3. Transfer students will be subject to the probation policy and procedures for students who are on probation. All transcripts should be received by the Admissions Office prior to enrollment.

B. Transient (Non-degree/Non-certificate Seeking at SouthArk) - Students who are maintaining primary enrollment at another college or university may enroll in courses to be transferred back to the parent institution. A college transcript from the parent institution showing evidence of good standing must be provided prior to fall and spring enrollment. Summer transient students are only required to submit an application, high school transcript, shot records, and proof that they have successfully completed any prerequisites.

C. Conditional Transfer Admission (Probation or Suspension) - Students who are on academic probation from their previous postsecondary institution will be placed on "conditional admission" status. Upon successful completion of twelve semester hours of college-level courses (1000 levels or higher) with a grade point of 2.0 or higher, students admitted conditionally shall be given regular admission status. Students who fall into the category of "Probation" or "Suspension” as defined in the South Arkansas Community College catalog are subject to those guidelines. All students who are on probationary status must see a counselor to develop an academic plan prior to enrollment.

High School Students

A. Concurrent Enrollment - Any qualified student in a public or private high school may enroll in college-level courses with written permission from his/her high school principal. Qualified refers to approval by the Office of Admissions including completion of the application for admission and presentation of

placement scores for either ACT, SAT, ASSET, or COMPASS. Specifically, the following restrictions are placed on enrollment of students in the concurrent enrollment category:

To enroll in English composition or other college-level courses not requiring a math prerequisite, students must score the following:

English Writing Writing English
19 42 75 470


Reading Reading Reading Reading
19 41 82 470

[div class="alert" class2="typo-icon"]To enroll in College Algebra, students must score the following:[/div]

Math Interm. Algebra Math Quantitative
19 43 71 460

Note: High school students who have not taken a placement test and provided scores as listed above are eligible to enroll only in Reading Skills I, Fundamentals of Writing I, Fundamentals of Arithmetic plus Lab, physical education courses, piano, basic word processing, and choir.


A. First Time in College (Non-Degree Seeking) - This category is intended for students who have never attended college, are not sure that they will ultimately seek a college degree or certificate, and wish to enroll in a limited number of college credit courses. A student in this category who has completed high school* must follow all regular application procedures with the exception of the placement test. The student may take up to ten semester hours of credit under these conditions, if the courses taken do not require placement scores in English, Math, or Reading. After completion of ten semester hours, the student must take the COMPASS or otherwise provide placement test scores and must change his/her status to Regular Admission (Degree/Certificate Seeking). *Note: Non-high school graduates must take the placement test to show ability to benefit before enrolling in college and, therefore, cannot be exempt from this requirement.

B. Business and Industry - This category is intended for students who wish to enroll in specific courses that have been scheduled by/for business and industry or courses business and industry have specified for their employees. Generally, students in this category will enroll or be registered at the request of an employer. Business and Industry students must submit the application for admission only; they are exempt from placement testing, transcript, and immunization requirements as long as they remain in this category. Business and Industry students are ineligible to receive financial aid. The business/industry/employer is responsible for determining that all appropriate prerequisites are met. Should a Business and Industry student wish to change to degree or certificate-seeking status, all requirements of Regular Admissions (readmission) will then apply.

C. Other Educational Objectives - This category is reserved for students who:

  1. hold an associate or bachelor degree and are not seeking an additional degree at South Arkansas Community College;
  2. are seeking teacher certification;
  3. are concurrently enrolled at another college or university;
  4. are enrolled for enrichment purposes only;
  5. are attending college with an Over 60 waiver. **

**Students in this category must complete an application for admission and proof of graduation, if applicable. Students taking advantage of the Over 60 waiver who wishes to earn a degree or certificate must follow guidelines for Regular or Transfer Admission.

Persons over 60 are exempt from basic skills requirements unless enrolled in a degree program.

Admissions Requirements

South Arkansas Community College has an open-door admissions policy and offers equal educational opportunities for all citizens in the service area. Admission to the college does not ensure acceptance into a particular course or program of study. No one shall be denied admission based on race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation or national origin, age, religion, or disability.

Application Procedures

To be accepted to the college, applicants must provide the following to the Enrollment Services Office:

  1. A completed application for admission.
  2. An official high school transcript and/or GED scores and college transcripts from every college attended or, if not a high school graduate or GED recipient, evidence of the ability to do college-level work.
  3. Scores from one of the following five admissions tests: American College Testing Program (ACT), Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), Assessment of Skills for Successful Entry and Transfer Test (ASSET), or Computerized Adaptive Placement and Support System (COMPASS).
  4. Proof of immunization. Arkansas State Law requires college students who were born after January 1, 1957, to provide proof of two immunizations against measles, mumps and rubella. Measles and rubella vaccines must have been received after the first birthday and after January 1, 1968. Students born before January 1, 1957 must provide either a copy of their birth certificate or proof of two immunizations for measles, mumps and rubella. Health Science programs may require a background security check (and a fee of $50) before students can work at a medical site as a clinical student.

When to Apply

SouthArk semesters start in August, January, and May. Optional starting dates throughout the year are available in some programs. Applications may be made at any time. Check with the Enrollment Services Office. STUDENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO APPLY EARLY TO HAVE THE BEST CHANCE TO SECURE A PLACE IN A PROGRAM.

International Students

South Arkansas Community College has established its International Student Program (F-1 Visa) according to the Department of Immigration and Naturalization Service. We welcome students from all over the world. The college will consider for admission international students who apply from their native countries, as well as international students who have completed a program of study in the United States and wish to transfer to South Arkansas Community College. An example of a program of study could be English as a Second Language program at any U.S. institution. For more information contact us.




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