Administrative Assistant Technology


This program provides education to students seeking employment in this challenging and rewarding career. Graduates of this program are employed in support roles in businesses, schools, or wherever organizational, computer, and interpersonal skills are important. The
program offers a certificate of proficiency for approximately one semester (five months) of college work. The program features courses in word processing, accounting, management, business communications, electronic publishing, psychology, and English.

Certificate of Proficiency

ACCT 2003 Principles of Accounting I or 3
ADMS 1003 Introduction to Accounting  
ADMS 1023 Intermediate Keyboarding 3
ADMS 2803 Administrative Technology 3
CSCI 2143 Microcomputer Business Applications 3
ENGL 1123 Composition I 3
MGMT 1113 Introduction to Management 3
Semester Total   18

A certificate of proficiency may be awarded to an Administrative Assistant Technology student completing the courses listed for the first semester if the student has completed Fundamentals of Math or has a minimum score of 36 on the Numerical Skills section of the COMPASS.

Technical Certificate

BUS 2063 Business Communications 3
MATH 1333 Math for Business Applications or  
MATH 1023 College Algebra* 3
CSCI 1903 Desktop Publishing I 3
CSCI 2413 Advanced Microsoft Office or  
CSCI 2223 Excel 3
  Business Elective (BUS, ACCT, CSCI, ADMS, 3
  ENTR, BLAW, or MGMT)  
Semester Total   15

Associate of Appied Science

BUS 1003 The American Enterprise System 3
ENGL 1123 Composition II 3
PSYC 2003 General Psychology or  
SOC 2003 Introduction to Sociology 3
ENGL 2113 Advanced Grammar and Composition 3
BUS 2043 Customer Service and Support 3
MGMT 2113 Management Skills 3
ADMS 2703 Professional Projects and Portfolio Design 3
Business Elective (BUS, ACCT, CSCI, ADMS, ENTR, BLAW, MGMT) 6
Semester Total   27

Judy Ward

TEC 221