This sequence of courses is designed to fulfill the general requirements of the first two years of study for a four-year degree in Business. Students may earn an Associate of Science degree which will assist in receiving a four-year degree or gaining employment in the work force. Students wishing to transfer should ask for a transfer guide from the college where they plan to pursue their baccalaureate.

Associate of Arts - Business Degree Checklist

Associate of Science

English/Communications – 9 Hours
ENGL 1113 Composition I
ENGL 1123 Composition II
SPCH 1113 Principles of Speech
Humanities/Arts – 6 Hours
3 hours from the following:
ENGL 2213 Literature I
ENGL 2223 Literature II
3 hours from the following:
ART 2003 Art Appreciation
MUS 2003 Music Appreciation
THEA 2003 Theatre Appreciation
Social Science – 9 Hours
6 hours from the following
(must include one section of Civilization and one of U.S. History or Government)
HIST 1003 History of Civilization to 1700
HIST 1013 History of Civil. since 1700
HIST 2013 History of U.S.to 1876
HIST 2023 History of U.S. since 1876
PSCI 2003 American Gov: National
3 hours from the following:
SOC 2003 Introduction to Sociology
Biological Science – 4 Hours
BIOL1004/L Fund. of Biology/Lab
Physical Science – 4 Hours
PHYS 2024/L The Physical Sciences/Lab
Mathematics – 3 Hours
Three (3) hours from the following:
MATH 1023 College Algebra
Business Related – 24 Hours
ACCT 2003 Principles of Accounting I
ACCT 2103 Principles of Accounting II
ECON 2003 Macroeconomic Principles
ECON 2103 Microeconomic Principles
BLAW 2013 Legal Environment of Bus.
BUS 2013 Business Statistics
MATH 2013 Business Calculus
CSCI 1003 Computers & Info. Proc.
Directed Electives – 3 Hours
To be selected from American Enterprise System, Business Communications or other courses listed above.
Total Hours: 62


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