American Physical Society site for student guidance regarding physics careers

Atmospheric optics
Shows and explain various phenomena seen in the atmosphere. 

Center for the history of physics
Created to preserve and promote the history of modern physics and allied fields including astronomy, geophysics and optics.

College physics for students of Biology and Chemistry
Complete physics text aimed at students taking college-level biology and chemistry.

DC Physics
Links to simulations, newsletters, books, employment opportunities, journals, references, online texts, and tutorials all related to the study of physics. 

Elemental data index
The Elemental Data Index provides access to the holdings of NIST Physics Laboratory online data organized by element and is intended to simplify the process of retrieving online scientific data for a specific element. 

Fear of Physics

Help for physics students

NIST physical reference data
Maintained by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and provides measurement services and research for electronic, optical and radiation technology. 

Physics central
Weekly updates on advances in physics, description of new research, and biographies of people engaged in research and teaching. 

Trends online
Data on global change, trace gases, climate, ecosystems and scientific evidence of changes in atmospheric composition. 

Web physics
Provides a forum for physics educators to exchange curriculum ideas and resources that make use of the Web technology. Includes software, multimedia lessons in HTML multimedia format, distributed learning Web courses, multimedia databases and student projects. 


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