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 South Arkansas Community College

The SouthArk Virtual Career Center offers a wide range of online resources for new grads, career changers, job-seekers, and veterans, such as free training and skill-building resources, interest and aptitude assessments, and career information. SouthArk uses College Central Network as its official resume and job posting service.  For additional resources, see the below information.

Interest Inventories

Kuder Journey

Job and Career Accelerator

Training and Skill Improvement Resources

  • Student Lingo
    • Academic and Career Exploration
    • Learning to Learn
    • Personal Management
    • Reading and Writing Strategies

Available in The Learning Center (TLC)

  • Teknimedia--learn basic computer skills
  • KeyTrain--improve your career readiness skills           
  • Mavis Beacon--practice and improve your typing skills
  • MySkillsTutor--improve your academic skills in a variety of subjects

Skill and Interest Assessments

For New Grads
and Career Changers

For Veterans

Free Services

Job Search

Local Jobs