Administrative Procedures Manual (APM)


The Administrative Procedures Manual has been developed at the direction of the South Arkansas Community College Board of Trustees. 

The purpose of this manual is to provide clear guidance for proper, ethical and expeditious implementation of College policy and procedures which govern the way College business is managed and conducted. 

This manual is not a static document.  It will be continuously reviewed for completeness and accuracy, and is subject to revision at the discretion of College Administration, Faculty and Staff.

  • APM Approval Form   

    Information may be entered electronically.  Signatures and dates must be hand-written by their respective parties.

Mission Statement

South Arkansas Community College promotes excellence in learning, teaching, and service; provides lifelong educational opportunities; and serves as a cultural, intellectual, and economic resource for the community.

Value Statement

  • Excellence In Education

    We are committed to excellence by providing a highly competent, innovative and supportive faculty and staff, modern facilities equipped with current technology, and high quality academic and occupational programs.

  • Student Learning

    We are committed to providing support, respect and encouragement, thereby, enabling students to achieve their educational goals and develop skills for lifelong learning.

  • Contribution To The Community

    We strive to serve the academic, occupational and enrichment needs of the community; enhance its quality of life; and support economic development in South Arkansas.

  • Quality Of Work Environment

    Recognizing that everyone contributes to the learning process, we value each member of our College community; foster respect, trust and support among faculty, staff and students; encourage responsible, creative risk-taking and innovation; and recognize and reward exceptional performance and integrity.

  • Respect For Diversity

    Believing that everyone should have an opportunity to learn and succeed, we value intellectual and cultural diversity in the classroom, in the workplace and in the community.

  • Dedication To The Future

    We are committed to continuous evaluation of our institution in order to address the needs of the present and to meet the challenges of the future.

Vision Statement

South Arkansas Community College will strive to be the leading resource for accessible education, workforce training, partnerships and economic development for our region.

Chapter Two

Chapter Five

Federal Disclosure

According to Federal Regulations, institutions must disclose certain information to enrolled students, prospective students, parents, and employees. Below is a list of available disclosures, a brief description, contact, department and phone number to locate the detailed information. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Valeriano Cantú, Vice President of Learning at 870-864-7155 or any staff member listed below.

Rights under Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Student’s right to review educational records
Dean Inman, Director of Enrollment Service 870-864-7142
FFEL/Direct Loan Deferments for Peace Corps or volunteer Services
Eligibility to defer loan payments for services performed in these areas
Veronda Tatum, Director of Financial Aid 870-864-7133
Available Financial Assistance
Types of Financial Aid programs available at SouthArk
Veronda Tatum, Director of Financial Aid 870-864-7133
Institutional Information
Information on school cost, policies and procedure
Valeriano Cantú, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Services 870-864-7155
Vernie Meador, Vice President of Fiscal Affairs 870-864-7147
Completion rate, graduation rate, transfer out rate
Statistics on the completion, graduation rate and transfer rates of SouthArk students
Stephanie Tully-Dartez, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Research 870-864-8413
Campus Security Report
Crime statistics
Carl Blake, Public SafetySupervisor 870-864-7125

Acceptable Use

It is not acceptable to use the college's computer equipment or facilities
  • for any illegal purpose or act;
  • to transmit harassing, indecent, obscene, discriminatory, or fraudulent materials or messages;
  • to transmit or receive any materials in violation of either state or federal laws (e.g.copyright laws);
  • to send fraudulent or forged email messages using the account of another person;
  • to use the account or password assigned to another person to gain access to college equipment, college files, or the college network;
  • to damage, destroy, interfere with, or disrupt the operation of college owned and
  • operated program equipment;
  • for any partisan political purposes; or
  • for any commercial pursuits or activities.

Campus Connect

Student Login

Students log in with 9-digit Student ID number and Pin

Faculty Login

Access using POISE/CRT username and password

Employee Login

Access using SSN or Employee ID number and date of birth without a leading zero.
(Sep 22, 2009 = 9222009)

Instructions and Guides

Logging in as a student Logging in as an instructor Logging in as an Employee
Entering Grades
Printing Transcripts
Certifying Rosters
Emailing Certified Rosters from an Office Computer
Emailing Certified Rosters via Internet Mail


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