The Division of Health and Natural Sciences


Arthur Brown, AAS, BS, MPH, RRT, Dean, 870-864-7102, abrown@southark.edu
Britt Lowe, Administrative Specialist, 870-864-8424, blowe@southark.edu
Gabbie Williams, Health Science Advisor, HSC 217, 870-875-7207, gwilliams@southark.edu

The HNS professional programs were developed to assist students in gaining skills and knowledge needed to become contributing members of the health care community. Most programs in the Health and Natural Sciences division have entry requirements and may have limits on the number of students admitted to a given class.

For information on these programs, the applicant should contact the College's Director of Enrollment Services, Dean of the Division of Health and Natural Sciences, HNS Career Advisor, or the individual Program Director.

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