The Division of Liberal Arts


Phil Ballard, Dean, WTH 107B, 870-864-7156, pballard@southark.edu
Lesley Drummond, Administrative Specialist, 870-864-8475, ldrummond@southark.edu 

The Liberal Arts Division offers a variety of degree and certificate programs with general education at its core and the vast majority of the coursework fully transferable to four-year colleges for students who decide to pursue a bachelor's degree. SouthArk's associate of arts degree provides a foundation for any career that requires a four-year degree, but it also looks good on the resume as a stand-alone credential for almost any kind of job search.

It tells employers that the applicant has a solid background in math, science, English, history, the social sciences, and the humanities for a well-rounded understanding of the world and how to function in the workplace.

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