Chapter Five:  Fiscal Affairs

Procedure Title:  Designated Procurement Official
Based on:  Board Policies Nos. 5 and 7
Procedure Number:  5.03
Date Adopted/Revised:  June 25, 2001; November 21, 2006; May 15, 2007; March 29, 2010; May 5, 2015

South Arkansas Community College follows state procurement laws and regulations in making all purchases.

  1. The South Arkansas Community College Procurement Director was designated as the Agency Procurement Official after a review was made by the State Procurement Director of the detailed purchasing procedures utilized by the College. Copies of these detailed procedures are available in the Business Office.

      1. Purchases may be made only by the Agency Procurement Official on the open market through quotation bids, through sealed bids, or by authorized procurement cards.

      2. Persons wishing to make purchases should be aware of the time entailed in the different types of purchases.

      3. An open-market purchase may be made from any vendor if the purchase is $10,000 or less and the items being purchased are not included on a state contract or fall under the regulations of the State Printing Office.

      4. Items costing more than $10,000 but less than $50,000 may be purchased utilizing quotation bids.

      5. Written bids provided by fax or e-mail are acceptable but must be secured from at least three vendors. Information must include the name and address of the company; the date the bid is given; and the name of the person giving the bid.

      6. Sealed bids are required for any purchase exceeding $50,000 and must be advertised in the newspaper and sufficient time must be allowed for vendors to respond. The time and place of bid openings are announced in the advertisement for bids and all bid openings are open to the public.
  2. The following is a brief outline of the required requisition procedures to be utilized in purchasing supplies, equipment, or services. The dollar limitations listed may be changed by State legislation.

      1. Date Submitted
      2. Department/account number to be charged
      3. Date Needed
      4. Description of the item or items with enough detail to order the item(s)
      5. Quantity needed
      6. Estimated Price
      7. Suggested Vendors
      8. Electronic signature of supervisor/Vice President
      9. Where the equipment will be located
  3. Items costing $25 or less may usually be purchased using money from the Petty Cash Fund. Since some strictures still apply, a person wishing to make Petty Cash purchases should contact the Business Office for clearance before making the purchase.