Chapter Five:  Fiscal Affairs

Procedure Title:  Hiring of Contractors
Based On:  Board Policies 5, 7, and 21
Procedure Number:  5.03c
Date Adopted/Revised:  July 23, 2007

In order to follow IRS regulations concerning the hiring of contractors to perform services, the following procedure has been established:

An incorporated firm that is offering services to the general public or other firms may be classified as a contractor. The Determination of Employee or Independent Contractor form will be completed for proposed contractors that are not incorporated.

The following documentation should be obtained for all contractors:

    1. A written contract or purchase order outlining the work to be done and the payment schedule

    2. A completed W-9 Form

    3. A certificate of worker’s comp coverage or a State of Arkansas non-coverage certificate

The employment of contractors is subject to State of Arkansas purchasing regulations.