Chapter Five:  Fiscal Affairs

Procedure Title:  Use of College Facilities – Priorities
Based on:  Board Policies Nos. 2 and 7
Procedure Number:  5.05
Date Adopted/Revised:  June 25, 2001, rev. 9/05; November 21, 2006; May 15, 2007

  1. The President will designate personnel responsible for scheduling usage of facilities.
      1. Persons wishing to utilize College facilities must reserve them in advance during normal working hours.

      2. Any abuse of College facilities will be grounds for refusing to allow the group or individuals to use the facilities in the future.

  2. The priority in assigning facilities will be as follows:

      1. The regular internal use of the facility for the purpose for which it is designed and designated
      2. The College’s credit classes
      3. The College’s non-credit classes
      4. College-sponsored events
      5. Events sponsored by approved student organizations of the College
      6. College-affiliated groups sponsored by faculty members or members of the administration
      7. Programs sponsored by the State of Arkansas and its agencies and/or institutions
      8. Other non-College groups

  3. After a facility is reserved, the reservation will be honored even if another higher priority user requests the facility; however, reservations, which extend into a semester other than the semester in which the reservation is made, may be altered or cancelled by the institution.