Chapter Five:  Fiscal Affairs

Procedure Title:  Use of College Facilities – Public Assembly
Based on:  Board Policies Nos. 2 and 7
Procedure Number:  5.05g
Date Adopted/Revised:  March 28, 2013, July 25, 2016

Policy Statement

The South Arkansas Community College recognizes that freedom of expression and public assembly are fundamental rights of all persons and are essential components of the educational process. South Arkansas Community College will protect the rights of freedom of speech, expression, petition, and peaceful assembly as set forth in the United States Constitution. In keeping with this responsibility, students, faculty and staff are free to exercise the rights to assemble and engage in expressive activity in a constitutionally protected manner; subject only to the content-neutral regulations necessary to fulfill the mission and obligations of the college, preserve the rights of others, coordinate multiple uses of limited space, assure preservation of the campus facilities and grounds, and assure financial accountability for any damage caused by these activities.


South Arkansas Community College provides forums for the expression of ideas and opinions on a designated location either on the south lawn of the El Dorado Conference Center/Student Services area, Computer Technology building patio, or designated East Campus location.

The responsibility of the College to operate and maintain an effective and efficient institution of higher education requires reasonable time, place, and manner of assembly where restrictions are enforced. However, the enforcement will not depend, in any way, on the subject matter involved in an expressive activity. All activities must be registered with the Vice President of Student Services office 48 hours in advance in order to make adequate arrangements for safety and security and to insure the space desired is available. Registration must be completed at the Vice President of Student Services office located in Suite 262 of the El Dorado Conference Center, second floor Student Services Division.

Non-public forums are areas that are not traditional public forums or designated public forums. These locations will be restricted to use for their intended purpose and are not available for public expressive activity. Examples include, but are not limited to, classrooms, faculty and staff offices, academic buildings, administration buildings, library, and computer labs. Additionally, security considerations may affect the availability of spaces that would otherwise be available.


    1. Registered organizations and departments may display signs and banners at designated locations on campus. For information regarding these designated locations, contact the Vice President of Student Services office located in Suite 262 of the El Dorado Conference Center, second floor Student Services Division.

    2. Literature can be distributed in public forums. However, the party distributing the literature is responsible for cleaning up any discarding paper and restoring the campus to its previous condition. Literature may not be distributed in non-public forums.

    3. No amplification equipment may be used.

    4. Use of the designated campus areas is on a temporary basis.

    5. Flyers or other promotional materials may be placed on designated bulletin boards inside or outside of college buildings, if approved and stamped by the Vice President of Student Services.

    6. No activity will be permitted that blocks access to college buildings, streets, sidewalk or facilities, defaces property, injures individuals, unreasonably interferes with regular or authorized college activities or functions, or impedes the free flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Any activity that obstructs, interrupts, or hinders the rights of others is prohibited.

    7. Private business or commercial solicitation on campus is prohibited. Handouts (i.e. flyers, pamphlets, inserts, etc.) are prohibited from being placed on vehicles in parking lots of the college.

    8. Any activity that obstructs, interrupts, or hinders with College business or operations is prohibited.