Chapter Five:  Fiscal Affairs

Procedure Title:  Official Functions
Based on:  Board Policies Nos. 2, 3, 5, and 7
Procedure Number:  5.09
Date Adopted/Revised:  November 7, 2001; November 21, 2006; May 15, 2007; October 26, 2009; September 24, 2015; July 25, 2016


  1. Expenditures for “official functions” (special occasions, meetings, awards, etc.) are allowed as departmental expense only under the following conditions:

      1. When the item or event clearly conforms to one of the categories below;
      2. The proper process is followed; and
      3. The necessary approvals are obtained.
  2. Before the item or event is scheduled, the initiating party must prepare an Official Functions Request Form detailing:

      1. Person in charge of activity/requestor
      2. Description of activity (Include a business related agenda)
      3. Event Specifications
          1. Date and time of event
          2. Building and Room
          3. Project Cost
          4. SouthArk general ledger budget account
      4. Number of people involved
          1. Faculty and Staff
          2. Officials
          3. Guests
          4. Students
      5. Approval signature Dean/Department Head
      6. Food Costs
          1. Food Costs in excess of $25 must be provided by the El Dorado Conference Center food service provider.
      7. Conference Center manager approval
      8. College Vice President approval
      9. President approval signature
  3. Accounts To Be Charged

    Official functions that comprehensively support the mission of the institution shall be charged to the “Official Function” account. Federal and State Grant programs, Community Service, Work Force Development, and most functions associated with advisory group meetings shall be charged to the respective departmental supply budget. In some cases, expenditures to other individual departmental supply budgets may be authorized.
  4. The requestor will detail and schedule any assistance needed with setting in preparation for the approved event when scheduling the venue.

  5. Expenditures for “official functions” (special occasions, meetings, awards, etc.) are allowed as departmental expense only under the following conditions:

      1. Official Institutional (in-house) Committees and Advisory Groups Working luncheons and dinners for restricted number of staff members, internal committees and advisory groups who are required to attend essential meetings during a meal period outside of normal duty hours.

      2. Official External Committees Advisory Groups and Guests

          1. Meals for unpaid educational advisory groups for area of business, industry and the private sector, and appropriate staff members who are required to attend semiannual evening advisory meetings.
          2. Meals for state officials, representatives of accrediting agencies, official guests of the College, and appropriate staff members when required to attend these functions.
      3. Receptions, Honors, and Awards

          1. Meals, receptions and other expenses (e.g., plaques, certificates, pins, other mementos) related to events recognizing donors, volunteers, and others to whom the College is indebted. Expenses related to recognition events for outstanding students and student groups.
          2. Graduation receptions for all attending the ceremonies and expense for official graduation dinner including board of trustees, selected staff and students, official and special guests of the College.
          3. Expenses for special honors ceremonies, e.g., allied health graduate pinning ceremonies, etc.
      4. Official Faculty and Staff Functions

          1. Meals in conjunction with semiannual orientation and convocation sessions for faculty and staff.
          2. Meals for special events for employees and official guests when attendance is mandatory.
          3. Expenses for selected staff to represent the College at educational related events within the community.
      5. Student Functions

          1. Refreshments, snacks and other minor expenses for “College Day” guests and other groups of prospective students; or students visiting the campus for tours, special educational events, registrations, or student activities.
          2. Refreshments and other expenses for special meetings of student organizations.
      6. Official Board Events

          1. Meals served in conjunction with the regular meetings and committed meetings of the board of trustees, to include board members, selected College officials and official guests.
          2. Luncheon and/or dinner official functions attended by the board member(s) and College official(s).
      7. Employment Interviews Meals and other expenses for prospective new employees from out of town. Refreshments for selected staff during the interview process.

          1. Meals and other expenses for prospective new employees from out of town.
          2. Refreshments for selected staff during the interview process.
  6. In no case will official functions expenditures be permitted for:

      1. Expenses for individuals related to membership to local clubs, social or community organizations unless approved by the President as necessary in fulfilling the College’s mission.
      2. Dues for individuals to professional organizations unless the membership fulfills a requirement of the applicable position.
      3. Christmas cards or other similar printed greetings to institutional constituents.
      4. Meals or expenses for groups or visitors to the campus not sanctioned by the institution or in any way related to institutional business.
      5. Expenses associated with birthdays, etc., for institutional employees.