Chapter Five:  Fiscal Affairs

Procedure Title:  Key Policy
Based On:  Board Policy
Procedure Number:  5.19
Date Adopted/Revised:  March 15, 2010; June 8, 2015; July 25, 2016

  1. All Keys will be issued by the Business office and will be signed for at the time of issue. All full-time employees will be issued a key to his or her office, the building in which the office is located, the lab in which the employee teaches, and the building in which the lab is located. Keys may be assigned to part-time employees who teach in labs or other space that is normally locked.

  2. Keys, other than master keys, required to perform one’s duties may be requested from the appropriate Vice President.

  3. All keys issued to any faculty or staff member must be turned in to the Business office should employment cease with South Arkansas Community College. A final paycheck will not be released until this matter is handled.

  4. Lost keys should be reported to the Business Office immediately.

  5. Master keys may be assigned to the President, Vice Presidents, Dean of Business and Technical Education, Director of the Physical Plant, Security Officers, and IT Director. All other requests for master keys will be considered at the President’s Executive Council.

  6. Duplication of campus keys is prohibited. Employees duplicating keys may be subject to dismissal.

  7. When keys are issued to outside entities, such as firms making repairs, contractors, or organizations renting College facilities, a letter of understanding will be used to establish conditions of use and consequences of loss or misuse.

  8. Employees who are on leave that is expected to exceed 30 days must turn in all keys prior to beginning their leave. This requirement does not apply to 9-month employees who do not teach during the summer terms.