Chapter Five:  Fiscal Affairs

Procedure Title:  College Web Site
Based on:  Board Policies
Procedure Number:  5.32
Date Adopted/Revised:  May 17, 2010; March 26, 2015

The SouthArk Web site is one of the college's primary communication methods for potential students, current students, employees, and the public. As such, it is the policy of the college to set standards and procedures which maintain website accessibility in accordance with federal guidelines, provide mobile and non-mobile access, and ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the content.



  • All SouthArk web pages to have a common look, mobile compatibility, and meet federal accessibility guidelines. To accomplish this uniformity, a cascading style sheet (CSS) has been developed that is mobile compatible as well as Section 5081 and WAI Level A compliant in accessibility. The details of the CSS may be viewed at:
  • Significant deviation from the CSS may result in reduced accessibility or may compromise the user experience. If significant change is desired, it must be requested through the significant change form with the signature of the requestor's respective cabinet member.

Web Content Management

  • The SouthArk Website Administrator is charged with ensuring the continuous operation and hosting of the website as well as the overall design of the website within the specifications of the college's style guide.
  • The Website Administrator develops and maintains core pages for the SouthArk Web site including, but not limited to the home page, the college calendar, current press releases and schedules.
  • To ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the web content on SouthArk's website, web editors and web content managers will be assigned by the departments and divisions to their respective webpages. Web editors will be deans or directors unless special permission is requested by a dean, director, or cabinet member. These web editors will be required to create or update the content on the designated pages and respond to any error reports from the Website Administrator. Web content managers will be required to periodically check the designated content and certify it with their web editor on the first Monday of October and the first Monday of March.
  • All web editors will be required to attend an initial training session. Upon completion, the web editors will receive a username and password.
  • Deans and Cabinet members are responsible for the supervision of their reports in these roles and will be the final point of accountability for the web content. Dean and directors will also assign a temporary web content manager in the event of an unfilled position or prolonged absence.
  • The Website Administrator will provide training for the college's web editors and to assist with nonstandard content editing or additions to non-core webpages.
  • If the Website Administrator finds any college webpages to be out of compliance with federal accessibility requirements, he will notify the page's web editor of the necessary action.
  • Copyright-Information created by a government agency is largely considered to be in the public domain. "Found" graphics or outside information must not be used on web sites without proper attribution. Copyright laws and college copyright policy must be followed.


  • Privacy-Specific Web-based forms that require personal information from a visitor must post a privacy policy or a link to the policy indicating how the information, including information collected in server logs or cookies, will be used and under what conditions the information may be shared or released to another party.
  • The SouthArk website is not to be used for advertising or commercial purposed that are not related to the mission of the college.
  • All official SouthArk events are to be listed on the website calendar; it is incumbent on all college organizations, faculty, and staff to assist in this effort. Event sponsors are expected to forward a description of their event to so it can be publicized by the college.