Chapter Five: Fiscal Affairs

Procedure Title: SouthArk Wireless Network Policy
Based on: Board Policies
Procedure Number: 5.33a
Date Adopted/Revised: September 14, 2012; September 24, 2015; August 9, 2017

  1. SouthArk seeks to provide its faculty and staff with technology appropriate to their assigned tasks; this may include an electronic tablet with Wi-Fi capability (herein referred to as a tablet) and/or a laptop designed for business travel. A tablet or laptop computer may be requested by employees whose official duties are such that the use of the device significantly enhances the job performance of the faculty or staff member. Individuals requesting a tablet or laptop computer must submit a written justification for the purchase and agree to participate in subsequent College professional development activities demonstrating the usefulness of tablets or laptop computers. Tablets are not substitutes for more versatile laptop computers and should not be purchased as such.
  2. Users are strongly encouraged to secure laptops and tablets with passwords/pins and to avoid keeping College confidential information and/or privacy protected data on them. Users should not have browsers retain login information. Tablets must be registered with a vendor’s location service, when available. Laptops and tablets are for employee use and job related official use only.
  3. Employees with College issued tablets or laptops must schedule an annual equipment inspection with the Office of Information Technology. Tablet devices and laptop computers are not included in the College’s lifecycle budget and will not be automatically upgraded or replaced. Users should remain aware that funds are not generally available to replace lost, damaged, or stolen tablets or laptops. Employees may be responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen tablets or laptops.
  4. Departmental allocation of supply monies for these purchases must be endorsed by the supervising Executive Cabinet member. Approval of a tablet or laptop purchase will be on a case-by-case basis upon recommendation of the supervising Executive Cabinet member and concurrence of the President. Approval of requests is contingent upon sufficient funds being available and may result in a reduced supply budget allocation in subsequent years. Executive Cabinet members will not approve any unbudgeted technology purchases sixty (60) days prior to the end of the fiscal year.
  5. Purchase of tablets or laptops without IT approval with College funds is prohibited. The Office of Information Technology cannot support nor train end users on devices that it does not have in inventory. Users who plan to use the device primarily as a paperless document organizer and reader may wish to purchase wireless models without the added cost of broadband and monthly data plan capabilities. College funds may only be used to purchase Wi-Fi or cellular capable tablets that are compatible with the College’s cellular carrier (irrespective of the end user’s personal cellular carrier choice). College funds may not be used for data plan charges associated with cellular capable tablets. The individual user is responsible for any such charges.
  6. When approved by the President, College funds may be used for data plan charges associated with cellular Wi-Fi hotspot devices. Use of such devices is limited to events in direct support of the College’s mission and goals, and must be authorized by the supervising President’s cabinet member.
  7. Users requesting advanced capacity tablets or laptops must be able to directly link the need for enhanced capabilities to their assigned duties. Alternatively, users may use personal funds to pay for the desired additional functionality – the tablet or laptop, however, remains state property and the user will not be compensated for any expenditure should they leave the College.
  8. Arkansas state credit cards (p-cards) cannot be used to purchase applications from vendor stores, such as the Apple App or iTunes stores. Users must retain receipts until their aggregate value is twenty-five (25) dollars or more and then submit a reimbursement request via the normal Business Office procedures. Purchases with grant funds are also governed by grant restrictions and requirements. The use of volume purchase vouchers is encouraged.
  9. Individuals receiving College issued tablets or laptops commit to make themselves available to act as peer tutors and recognize that they may be required to demonstrate innovative tablet/laptop uses as part of the College’s internal professional development efforts.
  10. Employees receiving a tablet computer must sign a hand receipt, issued from the Office of Information Technology, for the device at the time of issuance. Tablets computers purchased with College, grant, or Foundation funds must be clearly marked as South Arkansas Community College property (tablets should be ordered with “South Arkansas Community College” and the OIT inventory control number engraved on them).