Chapter Five: Fiscal Affairs

Procedure Title:  Using Personal Devices to Access the South Arkansas Community College Network
Based on:  Board Policies
Procedure Number:  5.40
Date Adopted/Revised:  March 16, 2015


The purpose of the policies herein is to secure and protect the information assets owned by South Arkansas Community College (SouthArk) when accessed by personal devices. SouthArk provides computer devices, networks, and other electronic information systems to meet its mission, goals, and objectives. SouthArk grants access to these resources according to an individual’s role and must manage them responsibly to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all information assets.

This policy specifies the conditions that personal devices must satisfy in order to connect to the SouthArk network. Only those devices that meet the standards specified in the policies herein or are granted an exception by Information Technology Services are approved for connection to the SouthArk network.


The policies herein address the requirements of devices other than the officially deployed workstations to gain network access. All employees, students, contractors, consultants, temporary workers, and others who use the SouthArk network, including all personnel affiliated with third parties that maintain a network device on behalf of SouthArk, must adhere to the policies herein. This includes any form of communication device capable of transmitting packet data connecting to the SouthArk network.