Chapter One:  Administrative Affairs

Procedure Title:  Planning Process
Based On:  Board Policies 1, 2, and 3
Procedure Number:  1.03
Date Adopted/Revised:  June 25, 2001; November 21, 2006; May 15, 2007; June 1, 2015

Policy Statement:

Planning is the process by which South Arkansas Community College will continuously evaluate its mission, vision and goals, make choices among alternatives and develop strategies for achieving goals. It is a systematic process designed to improve the rationality, credibility and accountability of decision making to positively influence the future direction of South Arkansas Community College.


  1. Planning Process
      1. Characteristics – The planning process:

          1. Has board and presidential support;
          2. Includes broad participation of all constituents;
          3. Uses available and accurate data;
          4. Is comprehensive and flexible;
          5. Is linked to financial resources;
          6. Is action oriented; and
          7. Includes an evaluation component.
      2. Purpose – The purpose of the Planning Process is to:

          1. Make recommendations re: the currency of the College Mission, Vision,
          2. Develop College goals consistent with Board Ends Statements;
          3. Identify the broad outcomes that will move the College toward implementing its mission;
          4. Lead College faculty and staff in identifying strategies for accomplishing each goal;
          5. Define indicators of effectiveness (Success/Accountability); and
          6. Disseminate goals to all planning/budget units via the Vice Presidents.
      3. Implementation – Implementation of the Planning Process will include but not be limited to:

          1. Developing an annual operating plan;
          2. Making recommendations to the President and Executive Cabinet concerning strategic directions and planning;
          3. Making recommendations to the President and Executive Cabinet concerning facilities planning; and
          4. Prioritizing new and continuing initiatives for purposes of allocating college resources and general budget planning. 
      4. Evaluation – Evaluation of the Planning Process will help the College:

          1. Assess South Arkansas Community College’s effectiveness in carrying out its plan;
          2. Validate standards and indicators of effectiveness;
          3. Determine preferred systems for collection and use of data; and
          4. Report the results of the planning process to state officials, trustees, and the College Community.
  1. The Planning Council
      1. Structure – The Planning Council serves as the final step in the shared governance structure before proposals are sent to the executive cabinet.  The Planning Council meetings are also a venue for discussing planning and policy changes as well as soliciting input from across campus.  The membership of the planning council is formalized in procedure 3.01 on shared governance. 

      2. Function-The function of the Planning Council is:
          1. Reporting of data, information, and outcomes
          2. Strategic planning
          3. Monitoring of Institutional Effectiveness
          4. Coordinating of ideas and plans