Chapter One:  Administrative Affairs

Procedure Title:  Grants and Grant Management
Based On:  Board Policies 5, 9, and 10
Procedure Number:  1.04
Date Adopted/Revised:  June 25, 2001; November 21, 2006; May 15, 2007; May 17, 2010; Sept. 17, 2013; January 6, 2016

Policy Statement:

Staff members of the institution are encouraged to seek and identify grant funding opportunities which will enhance the accomplishment of the institution’s mission.


Any person may develop a grant proposal by submitting a recommendation to initiate such a proposal to the Executive Cabinet. The recommendation should include a brief synopsis of the grant, its relationship to the institutional mission and the requirement of institutional resources such as staff time to develop the grant, space requirements for housing the grant activities, and institutional matching requirements (complete form 'Approval Form for Development of Proposal Concepts or Applications").

I. Responsibility for Administration and Implementation The Director of SouthArk Foundation and External Funding will serve as Grants Coordinator to:

      1. Identify funding sources for new initiatives;
      2. Identify funding sources for the continuation of current programs;
      3. Determine if the College has resources to support the grant, if funded;
      4. Distribute Request For Proposals (RFPs)
      5. Secure permission from the Executive Cabinet to pursue funding as proposed by the employee who has agreed to serve as the Principal Investigator/Grant Administrator;
      6. Work with Principal Investigators in developing successful grant proposals and gathering supporting documents in accordance with stated deadlines;
      7. Provide technical assistance on components of proposals (i.e., budget, evaluation, summary);
      8. Serve as a resource for identifying funding opportunities;
      9. Develop a reference library and website related to funding opportunities; and
      10. Notify appropriate members of the College of grant submissions and approval, if funded.

Although the Grants Coordinator is responsible for assisting in the preparation of a proposal and supporting documents; the management of a specific grant will fall under the auspices of the Principal Investigator/Grant Administrator. The Principal Investigator/Grant Administrator is the individual who is responsible for the supervision and management of the grant. In most cases this person is also the author of the grant.

II. Procedures for Initiating New Initiatives/Requests for Proposals

      1. For New Initiatives

          1. Upon approval of the request to pursue grant funding, the Grant Coordinator will schedule a meeting with the prospective Principal Investigator/Grant Administrator.
          2. Program design, duplication of services and cooperative efforts with other departments will be discussed.
          3. Private and public funding sources will be identified as possible matches for a program.
      2. For Request for Proposals

          1. Requests for Proposals received in the President’s Office will be forwarded to the Grants Coordinator for dissemination to the appropriate Vice President to determine the level of interest and potential for submission.
          2. If necessary, supporting documents will be requested from an agency/foundation for clarification of grant guidelines.
      3. Once a source has been identified, the Principal Investigator/Grant Administrator will meet with the Grants Coordinator to discuss the feasibility of submitting a proposal based on the following considerations:

          1. The immediate or long-term obligation to the College;
          2. The financial cost of sustaining the program if necessary; and
          3. The approval of the Chief Information Officer for the purchase and/or installation of computer hardware, software or other equipment directly related to Information Services.

III. Development of the Grant/RFP

Following approval of step C above and the identification of the Grant Writer, The Grants Coordinator will work with the Principal Investigator/Grant Administrator and other Grant writer(s) as appropriate to establish a timeline for preparation, provide technical assistance, and ensure compliance with grant guidelines and time lines.

      1. In cooperation with the Office of Finance and Administration, the budget for the grant will be defined and documented.
      2. The completed grant will be submitted to the responsible Vice President for approval.
      3. The grant will be submitted to the President for final approval and required signatures.

IV. Executive Cabinet Review and Approval

After the grant proposal has been completed, it must be approved by the Executive Cabinet before it is submitted to the funding agency.

V. Acceptance of Grant Funding

If the College is notified that a proposal has been funded, the grant must be accepted by the Board of Trustees.

VI. Final Revisions

After the Board of Trustees has approved the budget of the grant, any changes in the budget must be approved by the appropriate Vice President and the President prior to submission to the funding agency. Any approved budget changes must be submitted to the Office of Finance and Administration after the written approval is received from the funding agency.

VII. Reporting to Office of Finance and Administration

The Office of Finance and Administration must be advised of all accounting procedures required by the funding agency and of the dates of periodic and/or final financial reports. Any expenditure of funds will be in accordance with institutional policies and must include the approval of the Development Officer, Grant Administrator/Principal Investigator, the appropriate Vice President and the President. All contracts for employment or personal services must be approved by the President prior to employment or the performance of such services.

VIII. Responsibilities of the Principal Investigator/Grant Administrator Responsibilities of the Principal Investigator/Grant Administrator include but are not limited to:

      1. Monitoring all budget expenditures;
      2. Coordinating with the Office of Finance and Administration to comply with all reporting requirements;
      3. Coordinating the hiring of any staff through the Area Vice President
      4. Day to day management of the grant; and
      5. Evaluation of the contribution of the project to the overall mission of the College.