Chapter One: Administrative Affairs

Procedure Title: Marketing
Based On: Board Policies 1 and 9
Procedure Number: 1.05 

Date Adopted/Revised: October 10, 2001; November 21, 2006; May 15, 2007; May 17, 2010 

Promotion and advertising of South Arkansas Community College should be consistent and accurate, and represent SouthArk in the most professional manner possible. Any marketing materials intended for distribution to an audience beyond SouthArk employees or currently-enrolled students must be approved by the office of marketing and communications. The coordinator of this office, under the direction of the president, bears the sole responsibility of interpreting and implementing this policy. Authority for design and format of all such materials (brochures, commercials, flyers, advertisements, promotional items, etc.) rests solely with the office of marketing and communications. Appropriate input may be sought from other individuals, committees or campus departments depending upon the project at hand, but the level of input is at the discretion of the coordinator.

I. Official SouthArk logo The logo should be used on all promotional items and materials, branded for-sale items and advertising. It never is enough simply to use the name of the college. The desire is to create a permanent bond between the logo and the college. In all instances, use of the college’s logo should be directed by the Office of Marketing and Communications.

II. Official SouthArk colors Based on the colors of the official logo, these are the college’s official colors:

Green: Pantone Solid Coated 3435C
C 100 M 55 Y 95 K 50
Hex #003906 Web Safe #003300

Red: Pantone Solid Coated 202C
C 40 M 100 Y 95 K 20
Hex #7A000A Web Safe #770011

Other shades of red and green are inconsistent with the official colors and therefore should be avoided in marketing materials, unless the Office of Marketing and Communications finds a compelling reason to use them.

III. Requests Any request for marketing should be transmitted with turnaround time in mind, particularly if creation is involved. Two weeks of lead time is expected for any project, but the coordinator’s schedule always will dictate how quickly a project is completed. By the same token, when information is requested by the Office of Marketing and Communications for the purposes of promotion, a reasonable amount of response time is needed and expected.

IV. Brochures The Office of Marketing and Communications recognizes the need for professional-quality brochures to promote college programs, organizations and other facets of SouthArk. When a brochure is needed, input from other individuals will be sought at the discretion of the coordinator of the Office. However, the design and content will be under the ultimate authority of the Office of Marketing and Communications. Brochures will be produced or updated once annually, after completion of the annual college catalog.