Chapter One:  Administrative Affairs
Procedure Title:  Modification of the Administrative Procedures Manual (APM)
Based On:  Board Policies 1, 2, 3, and 9
Procedure Number:  1.07
Date Adopted/Revised:  June 25, 2001; rev 9/05; November 21, 2006; May 15, 2007; June 1, 2015; March 14, 2016

Any college employee may initiate a recommendation to modify the Administrative Procedures, Manual (APM), either by addition of a new procedure, OR, deletion of or alteration to an existing procedure.
Any proposed addition, deletion, or alteration of a procedure should be submitted via the “South Arkansas Community College Procedures Approval Form”.
Recommendations should be stated in writing and be submitted to the area Vice President/Executive Cabinet Member in keeping with the following sequence:
Step One: The recommendation to the area Vice President/Executive Cabinet Member should include:
  • The person(s) initiating the recommendation for modification;
  • Identification of the modification as an addition, deletion or alteration;
  • Notation of the specific procedure number, if the modification is a deletion or alteration;
  • An indication that others in the chain of command are aware of the proposed modification(s), and if not, why.
Upon receipt of the recommendation for modification, the area Vice President/Executive Cabinet Member will forward the information to the Executive Cabinet, with or without support for the recommendation.
Step Two: The decision of whether or not to modify the APM will be made by the Executive Cabinet. 
  • If the modification is adopted, all employees will be notified in writing by the Executive Cabinet.
  • If the modification is not adopted, the area Vice President/Executive Cabinet Member will notify the person(s) who initiated the proposal, and explain the decision.

Minor changes to the A.P.M do not require Cabinet approval.  Minor changes are defined as grammatical, title, spelling, and formatting changes that is not a new/alteration/deletion of a procedure.  Such changes should be submitted to the Vice President for Finance and Administration for review/update.  If it determined that it is not a minor change, then the request will be returned to follow the procedure above.