Chapter One:  Administrative Affairs

Procedure Title:  Human Subject Requirements
Based On:  Board Policies
Procedure Number:  1.08a
Date Adopted/Revised:  May 24, 2010; June 16, 2014; August 9, 2017

  1. All research conducted at or through South Arkansas Community College involving data collection from or about human subjects either in person or through written or verbal communication (i.e. observations, surveys, and interviews) is subject to review by the South Arkansas Community College Institutional Review Board (IRB). The function of the IRB is to protect the privacy and well-being of research participants in compliance with the regulations for the protection of human subjects as outlined by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and to protect the school from any potential liabilities of the research.
  2. The IRB is appointed by the College president and is composed of at least four SouthArk faculty and/or administrators who are familiar with research using human subjects and one unaffiliated community member. The Chief Institutional Effectiveness and Advancement Officer will serve ex officio and will be the contact person for the IRB. The IRB will perform its function by following the requirements as stated in the Office of Human Research Protections IRB Guidebook.  The IRB application process requires the completion of the following:
  3. A thorough description of the research including
    1. the purpose of the research,
    2. subject selection criteria,
    3. descriptions of subject contact procedure including copies of surveys or scripts
    4. description of data storage method, and
    5. a list of measures that will be taken in order to minimize adverse consequences to the subjects.
  4. Proof of Informed Consent and a copy of the actual informed consent form to be used.