Chapter Three: Instructional Affairs

Procedure Title: Records Management Policy
Based On: Board Policy 3
Procedure Number: 3.15
Date Adopted/Revised: June 30, 2008; October 21, 2009; July 19, 2010; November 5, 2015

The Arkansas general Records Retention Schedule covers records commonly found in most Arkansas state agencies excluding educational institutions. Thus, the general counsel for the Arkansas Department of Higher Education has suggested that South Arkansas Community College should develop an institutional policy to govern the retention of student records.

  1. Student Record Management and Retention

    South Arkansas Community College student records are maintained according to SACC Records Management guidelines as outlined below. Copies of all documentation, paper or electronic, are kept in the individual program/faculty offices or designated secure storage areas

    Document Total Retention
    Graduate Files-Student Clinical Folders As required by each program's accreditation requirements
    Prospective Student Folders 1 Year
    Inactive Student Folders 2 Years
    Exams/ Scantrons/ Analyses/ Projects/ Notebooks Until the end of the next major semester
    Course Grade Book/Grade Sheets (Electronic and Print) To be turned in to the Vice President for Learning upon leaving the college

  2. Faculty and Staff Compliance

    All SACC faculty and staff members are made aware of these policies and copies of the FERPA guidelines are available for review.

  3. Registration and Attendance/Academic Progress Records

    All records pertaining to registration, attendance and academic progress will be stored electronically for a minimum of five (5) years.

  4. Certification Documents, Publications, Statistical Data/Documents, and Institutional Reports.

    All documents pertaining to certification data, publications, statistical data and institutional reports will be permanently stored.

  5. Federal Student Financial Aid Records

    All Federal Student Financial Aid records will be retained in accordance with Federal law or minimum of three (3) years from award year.

  6. Personnel Records

    South Arkansas Community College will comply with all state and Federal laws concerning the retention of personnel records.  Applications will be kept for three (3) years after a position has been filled. Personnel files will be kept for seven (7) years from the date of termination of employment; payroll and W-2 forms will be permanently retained.