Chapter Two:  Personnel

Procedure Title:  Selection Process - Vice President

Based On:  Board Policy No. 3
Procedure Number:  2.02a
Date Adopted/Revised:  April 29, 2001; November 21, 2006; May 15, 2007; March 29, 2010; May 5, 2015

  1. A Chair will be appointed by the President from among the committee members. The Selection Committee will include the following members:

For the selection of Vice President:

    1. Voting Members
      1. Two (2) Deans
      2. Two (2) Faculty members
      3. Three (3) Staff members from applicable areas
      4. One (1) staff member from another area
      5. One (1) Community Representative
    2. Non-Voting Members
      1. Director of Human Resources
  1. The President will develop a position vacancy announcement which may be distributed to College placement offices, journals or other publications, professional organizations, state and regional newspapers, or in other ways that ensure diversity and that prospective applicants are aware of the vacancy.

  2. Each selection committee member considers the credentials submitted and compiles a ranking of the applicants. After each committee member has reviewed the materials and compiled a list, the committee will meet to form its recommendation of candidates to be interviewed to the President.

  3. If the President concurs, three (3) or more candidates may be invited for interviews with the selection committee, the Executive Committee, and the President.
      1. The committee will recommend at least two (2) candidates for consideration.
      2. The invited candidates may be asked to participate in an open forum for faculty, staff, and students as part of the interview process.
  4. If the President does not concur in the recommendation, the committee may be directed to reconsider its action, to extend the search procedures, or to consider other action.

  5. Following the interviews, the President may make an offer of employment. If the President does not concur with the recommendations, the committee may be directed to reconsider its action, to extend the search procedures, or to consider other action.

  6. As a general rule, the College will seek to employ individuals who have attained the educational background and experience needed to fill its vacancies. From time to time, however, due to availability of personnel and job market conditions, the College may find it necessary to upgrade individuals to meet the institution’s employment needs.
      1. In such cases, the College will indicate the educational needs to be met and will assist individuals to earn credit or degrees in the critical areas.
      2. The Selection Committee process will continue to be followed in these cases where the pool of candidates and market factors may lead to the upgrading of individuals.
  7. The President will notify the successful applicant (after acceptable reference and background checks are complete) and, upon his/her acceptance, the office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration will issue a contract.

After the contract has been signed and returned, the Human Resources Office will notify non-selected applicants of the decision.
Those interviewed will be contacted in writing by the Human Resources Office.

The Committee Chair will then ensure that the applicants’ file containing credentials are forwarded to the Human Resources Office.