Chapter Two:  Personnel

Procedure Title:  Selection Process – Extra Help Employees
Based On:  Board Policy No. 3
Procedure Number:  2.02e
Date Adopted/Revised:  March 29, 2010; May 5, 2015

  1. A job description will be developed/revised as appropriate by:

      1. Human Resources Office Representative
      2. Area Vice President or designee
      3. Supervisor of the position
  2. The selection committee will be appointed by the area supervisor or designee; membership will include the area supervisor or designee, two staff members.

  3. An extra help position must be assigned an authorized classification in accordance with the Uniform Classification and Compensation Act and any person hired in an extra help position must meet the minimum qualifications and any other requirements set by the official class specification of the classification assigned to the position.

  4. The rates of pay for extra help employees shall be set in accordance with and will not exceed those provided in the Uniform Classification and Compensation Act for the appropriate classification. An approved Personnel Action Form (PAF) is required prior to hiring extra help employees.

  5. Extra help employees may not exceed one thousand five hundred (1,500) hours per fiscal year. Extra help employees are eligible to apply for but are not guaranteed a regular position before, during, or after the maximum 1,500 hours worked per fiscal year. Extra help positions are ineligible for college benefits.

  6. The Human Resources Office will administer any test, determine if candidates meet minimum standards of the position and maintain applicable personnel records.

  7. The committee members will determine who will check references; the Human Resources Office will perform criminal background checks. All background checks should be complete prior to hiring.

  8. The committee will make a recommendation to the area Vice President. The Vice-President will review the recommendation (after acceptable reference and background checks) and if acceptable will make the final hiring decision.