Chapter Two:  Personnel
Procedure Title:  Use of Tobacco Products
Based On:  Board Policy 3
Procedure Number:  2.04
Date Adopted/Revised:  April 29, 2001; November 21, 2006; May 15, 2007; March 29, 2010; March 24, 2014
As of July 21, 2006, workplaces and public areas throughout Arkansas are smoke-free. In accordance with The Arkansas Clean Indoor Air Act of 2006 (Act 8 of the 1st Extraordinary Session of the 85th General Assembly) smoking is prohibited in all vehicles and enclosed areas owned, leased, or operated by the State of Arkansas. Inasmuch, all property owned, leased, or operated by South Arkansas Community College is designated as tobacco-free.

The Clean Air on Campus Act of 2009 (ACT 734) prohibits smoking on campuses of state-supported institutions of higher education beginning August 1, 2010. Any person who violates the provisions of this Act by carrying a lighted tobacco product will be punished by a fine of not less than $100.00 dollars and not more than $500.00

The tobacco-free status applies to all college grounds, SouthArk-owned or leased properties and campus-owned, leased or rented vehicles.

This includes but is not limited to college buildings, sidewalks and parking lots on both campuses; at lectures, conferences, meetings and social and cultural events held on either campus.

Smoking materials must be extinguished and properly disposed of prior to exiting a private vehicle or entering any SouthArk campus. Improper disposal includes but is not limited to spitting smokeless tobacco products; littering (i.e., discarded cigarette butts or throwing cigarette butts out of windows); and anything that may create a fire hazard.

Tobacco is defined to include any lighted or unlighted cigarette (clove, bidis, kreteks), all nicotine vapor delivery products (e-cigarettes), cigars, cigarillos, pipes, hookah products and any other smoking product, as well as any smokeless, spit or spitless, dissolvable or inhaled tobacco products, including but not limited to dip, chew, snuff or snus, in any form (orbs, sticks, strips, pellet, etc.).

The campus also prohibits the following actions on all college property and at all college-sponsored events, regardless of the vendor or venue: the sale of tobacco products or tobacco-related merchandise (including items that display tobacco company logos); the free distribution or sampling of tobacco products and associated products; and all tobacco promotion, advertising, marketing and distribution.