Chapter Two:  Personnel
Procedure Title:  Weapons
Based On:  Board Policy 3
Procedure Number:  2.5
Date Adopted/Revised:  April 29, 2001; November 21, 2006; May 15, 2007; June 27, 2014

Arkansas Statute 5-73-119 establishes the prohibition of the possession of handguns on school property.  Handguns may not be carried on the person, in a vehicle, or be otherwise readily available. Furthermore, the College prohibits the possession of any weapon on College property. A weapon is defined as a firearm, knives with a blade of three and one-half inches or greater, dirk, sword, bomb, or any substance or device designed or intended to inflict harm.

Bonafide law enforcement officers are not subject to this regulation. Violation is classified as a Class D Felony and violators may be prosecuted. In addition, the Administration is authorized to impose disciplinary action up to and including dismissal or expulsion.

BE IT RESOLVED: That the Board of Trustees
  1. Hereby ratifies and affirms the provisions of the following policy which will be included in the Administrative Procedures Manual under 2.05 Weapons.

      1. The possession, carrying, storage or use of any handgun or firearm of any type is prohibited
          1. on the College campus,
          2. in any building owned or controlled by the College, and
          3. at any College event.

      2. The administration shall develop and publish notices advising all persons of the prohibition. The administration shall also publish such notices on the College’s website and in the Administration Procedures Manual, and shall develop and publish sanctions for violations of this policy consistent with Arkansas law and other College regulations.

      3. These provisions shall not apply to any certified law enforcement officer employed by the College Public Safety Department or any other certified law enforcement officer.

  2. Pursuant to the provision of ACT 226 of 2013 and commencing on the effective date of Act 226, hereby disallows the carrying of a concealed handgun by faculty/staff in the buildings or on the grounds South Arkansas Community College for a period of one year from such effective date of Act 226; and

  3. Directs and authorizes the administration to take any and all steps necessary to ensure the compliance with such “opt out” of the provision of Act 226, including, but not limited to, the posting of any and all signs required or necessary to comply with the foregoing act.”
A violation of this section is a Class D felony and the College Administration may impose disciplinary action up to and including dismissal or expulsion.