Chapter Two:  Personnel
Procedure Title: Court and Jury Leave
Based On: Board Policy 3
Procedure Number: 2.13
Date Adopted/Revised: April 29, 2001; November 21, 2006; May 15, 2007
If an employee serves as a witness, juror, or party litigant, he/she is entitled to the regular College pay in addition to any fees paid by the court for services or necessary appearances, and the absences from work will not be counted as annual leave.
  1. Hardships

    When the employee’s service on a jury would cause a hardship to the operation of the work unit, the President/designee may petition the judge, in writing, asking that the employee be excused from jury duty.

  2. Fees for Services

    If an employee is accepted by the court as an expert witness and are paid a fee in excess of the normal witness’ fee, the employee will be required to take annual leave for the time needed for testimony.