Chapter Two: Personnel

Procedure Title: Separation of Service 
Based On: Board Policy 3
Procedure Number: 2.15 
Date Adopted/Revised: June 25, 2001; November 21, 2006; May 15, 2007; May 5, 2015 

  1. Resignations

    1. Responsibility of the Employer. When an employee is separated from employment for any reason, the supervisor has the responsibility to immediately communicate the separation to Human Resources and other appropriate departments to ensure the procedures of this policy are followed.

      Notice requirement:

      Classified or hourly paid employees are requested to give at least a two week notice; Professional and Salaried employees are requested to give a least a thirty-day (30) notice; Faculty are requested to give one semester notice; Executive, Dean, Vice-President employees are requested to give at least a sixty-day (60) notice. In special circumstances, the college President may request a different time frame notice and subject to agreement with the employee, may waive, reduce or increase the notice period. This policy applies to resignations, terminations (except involuntary) and retirement. To assist with budget preparation, employees planning to retire at the end of the fiscal year are requested to give notice by May 1st.

      The employee may be required to utilize all accrued leave prior to the date of the resignation.

    2. Responsibility of the Supervisor. The supervisor may give written notice of acceptance to the employee. When the written acceptance of the resignation is forwarded to the resigning employee, the resignation becomes final and cannot thereafter be withdrawn. The supervisor shall forward a copy of the acceptance letter through normal channels to the supervising Vice President as well as to the Human Resources Office.

  2. Involuntary Termination

    In the event the College no longer needs or desires the services of a regular appointed employee, an individual may be terminated upon receipt of a thirty (30) days notice. An employee may be dismissed immediately for cause. Causes may be, but are not limited to, misconduct, dishonesty, unlawful behavior, excessive absenteeism, excessive tardiness, use of alcoholic beverages or drugs, or three consecutive absences without contacting the supervisor.

    1. Responsibility of the Supervisor. When an employee is dismissed for cause, a written statement of the reason(s) must be given to the employee, the Human Resources Office and the supervising Vice President The individual is entitled to an appeal process if he/she feels the reason(s) for dismissal given by his/her supervisor were not sufficient.

    2. Appeal Process. To appeal, the employee must, within three (3) working days of the dismissal, submit a written request for reconsideration to his/her next level of supervision. This supervisor will review the facts of the case and may conduct a hearing with the employee and his/her immediate supervisor. The second-level supervisor will issue a written decision within seven (7) working days after receipt of the appeal.

      The employee may appeal the second-level supervisor’s decision to the Grievance Officer within three (3) working days of receipt of the decision. The Grievance Officer will conduct an investigation to determine if College Procedures were followed and within ten (10) working days after receipt of the appeal, will render a decision, which will be final. The dismissed employee may drop the appeal process at any stage; however, this will forfeit his/her rights to any further on campus hearings or consideration.

      Students and hourly (Extra Help) employees are hired to work at the pleasure of the College and may be terminated at any time without notice.

  3. Final Pay and Benefits

    1. Unused leave. An employee may be required to take accrued annual, and/or holiday leave prior to the employee’s termination date. Otherwise, accrued annual and holiday leave (not to exceed 240 hours), plus compensatory time, will be paid in a lump sum after the termination date and completion of the Termination Clearance Form. No employee receiving paid compensation for unused annual leave can return to College or other State employment until the number of days for which he/she has received lump sum compensation has expired. If an active employee dies, the amount due from accrued annual and holiday leave, (not to exceed sixty (60) days), plus compensatory time, will be paid to the estate or authorized beneficiary. SouthArk may, at the discretion of the college, provide compensation for unused sick leave, as allowed by Arkansas Law, to employees of the college.

    2. Health and Dental Benefits. When an employee separates from College employment, his/her health and dental insurance will terminate on the last day of the last pay period. The employee will be notified by mail of the right to continue the coverage for a limited time. Under the provisions of the federal Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), covered dependents may also be eligible for COBRA coverage under certain circumstances. The employee will have sixty (60) days from the date of that notification to complete and return the appropriate forms. The former employee will be responsible for timely payment of the entire insurance premium plus a 2% administrative fee once employment with the College is terminated. Failure to pay the required premium and administrative fee when due will result in permanent cancellation of coverage.

    3. Termination Clearance Form. Each employee who leaves the College will be required to complete a Termination Clearance Form (available from the Human Resources Office) before the final paycheck can be issued. This is required of all full-time faculty and staff and may include Extra Help and/or Part-time (Adjunct) Faculty. The form is used primarily to document that all College property has been appropriately returned to the College. The immediate supervisor is responsible for informing the terminating employee of the requirement to complete the Termination Clearance Form. The form may be copied from the APM or received from the supervisor or the Human Resources Office. The employee must complete the form and obtain all signatures as indicated.

    4. Final Paycheck. The employee’s final paycheck will not be direct deposited and will not be released until the completed Termination Clearance Form is received by the Human Resources Office. The College has the right to withhold from the employee’s final paycheck any charges that are due to the College for any reason. The College will then pay the net amount owed to the employee in full satisfaction of his/her wages or other amounts due.