Chapter Two: Personnel

Procedure Title: Performance Reviews – Administrative and Professional Staff
Based On: Board Policy 3
Procedure Number: 2.17a
Date Adopted/Revised: November 17, 2008

The goal of this procedure is to provide sustained information to Administrative/Professional (non-classified) staff so they can understand the scope of their responsibilities.
  1. Principles

    1. All Administrative/Professional (non-classified) staff will be evaluated by their immediate supervisors, in writing, annually, on their performance with respect to the goals and objectives of their jobs.

    2. As circumstances dictate, supervisors of each Administrative/Professional (non-classified) employee may develop additional procedures to evaluate those who report to them.

    3. Evaluation of all Administrative/Professional (non-classified) staff will be in accord with be following principles:

      1. To provide the basis for a meaningful and productive evaluation, each supervisor must work with his/her Vice President to prepare a job description for all such Administrative/Professional (non-classified) staff. These descriptions should define the duties and responsibilities of each employee thereby providing a mechanism for goal setting.

      2. The evaluation should assess the individual’s effectiveness as an employee in achieving the College’s predetermined goals and objectives.

      3. Each Administrative/Professional (non-classified) employee shall receive a written evaluation and be given the opportunity to discuss it with their supervisor.

  2. Procedures

    1. There must be an understanding between the Administrative/Professional (non-classified) employee being evaluated and the supervisor to whom he or she reports regarding the factors and criteria on which the evaluation will be based.

    2. No later than March 1, the Administrative/Professional (non-classified) employee being evaluated will prepare a summary of the year’s achievements and accomplishments, relating to the goals and objectives established at the beginning of the year. Additionally, the summary will include significant activities and accomplishments that were not included in the original goals and objectives. The summary shall be provided to the evaluating supervisor.

    3. The evaluating supervisor will prepare a written report and submit it to the Administrative/Professional (non-classified) employee being evaluated. The Performance Review Procedures and Review form can be found in APM 2.17a.

    4. Evaluations must be completed by April 1st of each year.

    5. Copies of all evaluations will be forwarded to the office of Human Resources and will become a part of the employee’s personnel file.