Chapter Two: Personnel
Procedure Title: Influenza Leave Policy
Based On: Board Policy 3
Procedure Number: 2.23b
Date Adopted/Revised: October 5, 2009

Employees and students who display symptoms of flu illness may be directed to stay at home and not attend work or classes until their symptoms have subsided and they have been free of fever for at least 24 hours.

Employees who earn sick leave will be required to use sick leave for absences attributed to this illness. Employees will be required to use annual leave in cases where sick leave balances are not adequate.  Employees who have been employed less than one year and have not had time to accumulate adequate leave balances will be allowed to have a negative sick leave balance at the earnings rate of 8 hours per month for the remaining months of their first year of employment.   Other employees who have documented a serious illness in the previous year may also be afforded the opportunity to have a negative leave balance.  Employees who do not have adequate leave balances will be docked the following pay period for the balance of time missed.

The college administration may allow certain employees to make work-at-home arrangements due to their illness or to care for family members who are ill with the flu.  Also, the college administration may consider flex-time, if feasible, to prevent the spread of the disease.  All work-at-home arrangements or flex-time plans must be approved by the college president or vice presidents.

Notification of absence due to illness will be given as soon as possible on the first day of absence to the employee’s supervisor. Within two days of return to work, the employee should complete the appropriate leave request form.  If an employee fails to make proper notification for use of sick leave, such absences will be charged to annual leave or leave without pay.

Employees who are on sick leave for five (5) or more consecutive days must furnish a certificate of illness from an attending physician.

Extra Help employees do not earn sick or annual leave and will not be paid for time not worked due to influenza but the college will make efforts to see they are allowed work time to make up missed hours if at all possible.  Work study students will also be allowed the opportunity to make up missed hours if possible.

The college administration may also require others such as volunteers, interns, and employees such as WIA paid workers to remain off campus until symptom free for 24 hours.

Any and all parts of this policy that are contrary to State regulations are null and void.