Chapter Two:  Personnel
Procedure Title: Recognizing and Rewarding Excellent Performance
Based On: Board Policies 3, 4, and 8
Procedure Number: 2.41
Date Adopted/Revised: June 25, 2001; November 21, 2006; May 15, 2007

2.41a Recognizing and Rewarding Excellent Performance: Personnel with Teaching Responsibilities
2.41b Recognizing and Rewarding Excellent Performance: Personnel with Non-teaching Responsibilities
  1. South Arkansas Community College is committed to recognizing and rewarding excellent performance. Excellent performance is defined as one or more of the following:

    1. Documented attainment of desired outcomes;

    2. Leadership that supports the College’s mission and vision;

    3. Specific actions which serve to build collaboration and teamwork, both within the College and among College constituents.

  2. The President, with input from others as desired, is responsible for taking steps to recognize and reward excellent performance. Examples of recognition/rewards include but are not limited to any or all of the following:

    1. Public acknowledgement;

    2. Presentation of a plaque, trophy or other appropriate gift; and

    3. A cash bonus.

  3. Both full-time and part-time employees may be considered for recognition and rewards for excellent performance. Specific criteria to be included in the selection of those to be considered for recognition/reward for excellent performance may include any or all of the following (this list is not exhaustive):

    1. Participation in college initiatives that promote improvement and change;

    2. Demonstrated efforts to solve problems and find new/better ways to carry out duties of the position;

    3. Contents of a portfolio;

    4. Student comments/input; and/or

    5. Presentations at state, regional and national meetings that describe SouthArk as a progressive and innovative institution of higher education that fosters community collaboration.

  4. Evidence of supervisory, peer and subordinate support will strengthen the nomination. Although length of service is not a prerequisite, a long-term demonstration of excellent performance will be considered as an asset in the nomination review process.

  5. Announcements about recognitions and rewards may be made at any time, however, efforts will be made to provide a large forum for these announcements, recognizing the importance of publicly celebrating excellence both internally and externally.

  6. Any employee may recommend a colleague for recognition of excellent performance. Recommendations should be submitted to the President via the area Vice President. Recommendations should be submitted to the President via the area Vice President.

  7. Specific procedures for faculty, professional staff and classified staff are delineated in this procedure.