Chapter Two: Personnel

Procedure Title: Position Classification / Evaluation
Based On: Board Policy No. 3
Procedure Number: 2.45
Date Adopted/Revised: January 7, 2008

The College’s personnel positions are established for a two year period based upon a request to the Arkansas Department of Higher Education and the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, Office of Personnel Management.  The Legislature may also require changes to the personnel request before enacting it into law.  During this process, the relationships between the various positions and the pay scale and/or the maximum amounts are established for each approved position.  The College Human Resources office will place each position on a grade or level based upon documented job responsibilities.  It is from these responsibilities that job descriptions are produced.

Each year during the budget process, a supervisor may request that a position be re-evaluated if the position duties and responsibilities have changed significantly.  The immediate supervisor and appropriate administrator must approve a request before the evaluation is conducted.  The Director of Human Resources is responsible for obtaining the necessary information for the evaluation.  Relevant information may include a review of department job descriptions and a comparison of similar positions at comparable community colleges.

Changes at times other than during the budget process may only be initiated by the President to accomplish re-organization objectives.