Chapter Two:  Personnel

Procedure Title: Dress and Personal Appearance
Based On: Board Policy 3
Procedure Number: 2.46
Date Adopted/Revised: October 11, 2010

It shall be the policy of South Arkansas Community College to encourage all employees to use good judgment and discretion in their dress and appearance. Personal appearance shall be appropriate to the job assignment and location. While at work, South Arkansas Community College employees are expected to dress in a manner that will reflect the image of a professional public servant. 

South Arkansas Community College requires and will provide uniforms for all physical plant personnel. Each employee required to wear a uniform shall take the necessary steps to protect them from excessive damage and wear.  Upon separation of employment all uniforms are to be surrendered to the physical plant director.

Instructional shop/laboratory, food service, and nursing personnel may elect or be required to wear aprons, uniforms, or lab coats. All employees will confer with their supervisors to ensure appropriate professional attire for their workplace environment.

The President of the college, at his/her discretion, may declare certain days as casual days.