Chapter Two: Personnel

Procedure Title: Annual Faculty Evaluation - Self Assessment 
Based On: Board Policy 3 
Procedure Number: 2.16e 
Date Adopted/Revised: November 8, 2001; January 29, 2007; May 15, 2007

Faculty Self Assessment Report

Instructor___________________________________ Date _______

    1. Assessment of strengths, weaknesses, and plans for improvement.
    2. Statement of professional help, assistance, and guidance needed.
    3. Statement of near-term and long-range professional goals.
    4. Review of accomplishments in reaction to the last evaluation.
    5. List and describe any changes in the work situation since the last review (e.g., workload, committee assignments) and explain if/how they have affected performance.
    6. List and describe efforts made to continue professional development and what support is required from administration to implement them.
    7. A description of how the faculty member is assessing student learning and how this information is used to improve teaching and learning.

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